‘Scandal’: Biden Taps Mysterious ‘Swamp’ Insider with Links to Hunter

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Outrage continues to grow over the mounting corruption being exposed around President Joe Biden and his family. Reports now indicate that Biden’s new White House Chief of Staff, Jeff Zients, had multiple meetings with Hunter Biden and served on his father’s cancer charity.

It’s no secret that corruption and pay-offs run deep in Washington D.C., but when it comes to President Joe Biden, the corruption runs even deeper with Hunter Biden at the center of it all. Biden’s new Chief of Staff reportedly had multiple meetings with Hunter and served on Joe’s cancer charity, further exemplifying how Biden has failed America with his crony connections.

Western Journal reports, one of the reasons Washington is called the swamp is because of this.

There is always, it seems, a network of connections beneath any major issue in our nation’s capital that aren’t apparent to the public, but have a way of tying even the ugliest elements together.

When it comes to President Joe Biden, that connection always comes back to his infamous son Hunter’s fetid record.

In a development that should surprise absolutely no one, iit turns out that Jeff Zients, the former Biden COVID response coordinator who will take over as the president’s chief aide when departing Chief of Staff Ron Klain heads for the exits, met with Hunter at least three times back in 2016, when Joe Biden was still the vice president.

The House Republicans tweeted “Jeff Zients, the incoming White House chief of staff, met multiple times in 2016 with President Biden’s son Hunter Biden who is facing criminal and congressional probes into his past business dealings.”

Hunter Biden’s laptop has a goldmine of information, but it doesn’t describe what happened at the meetings, but implies money and power were at stake. During at least two of the occasions, which were held at the US Naval Observatory, the residence of the vice president, Joe Biden was present.

There was more information garnered about what those meetings contained.

Fox news reports. In the first meeting, on Feb. 12, 2016, Zients, Hunter Biden, and then-Vice President Biden met with David Rubenstein, founder of 100-billion-dollar asset management firm The Carlye Group. Among Rubenstein’s other affiliations are the World Economic Forum, Council on Foreign Relations, and Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Over the past several years, President Biden has been criticized for vacationing at Rubenstein’s mansion in Nantucket, Massachusetts. According to the White House, the president previously visited Rubenstein’s home before spending Thanksgiving there in 2021.

After the first meeting, Zients, Hunter Biden, and then-Vice President Biden met with former White House senior counselor Steve Ricchetti and David Bradley, a Washington, D.C.-based political consultant.

In May 2016, Zients, Hunter Biden and Bradley met with Eric Lander, the recently- ousted director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Richard Klausner, the former head of the National Cancer Institute and a major biotech investor. Formerly, Klausner served as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s executive director for global health.

Reports of corruption and collusion come to the fore yet again with Biden’s announcement of his Chief of Staff, who had multiple meetings with Hunter and served on Joe’s cancer charity. What is the purpose of this latest ploy? One can only guess at the dark purposes behind such obvious payoffs, but it is clear that America deserves better than this. We cannot be held hostage by Biden, his cronies in the swamp, or any other power brokers in Washington’s Deep State. We must do our part to demand accountability in this administration so we can get back to focusing on the issues that really matter to Americans.

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