Shocking! Witness The Graphic Bodycam Video of Underwear-Clad Paul Pelosi’s Hammer Attack Here!

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Nancy Pelosi’s worst nightmare is now on display for the public to witness – the shocking bodycam video of Paul Pelosi’s hammer attack has been released, showcasing an underwear-clad Paul Pelosi and man wildly striking a hammer in Nancy’s San Francisco home. We have the footage that includes video from the frightening home invasion and the 911 call Paul Pelosi made that night. Now you can view the evidence firsthand and draw your own conclusion – but be warned, the visuals might leave you rattled!

Nancy Pelosi’s worst nightmare came true today when a San Francisco judge released police footage of the attack on Paul Pelosi.

In the video, an Underwear-clad, beverage toting Pelosi is seen while David DePape hits him with a hammer in front of police responding to Paul’s 911 call.

Video obtained by Fox News shows David Depape breaking a window with his hammer before entering the Pelosi house.

Following the break in, Pelosi called 911 and what can only be described as a bizarre exchange occurred. Here is the recording of the call.

In November, a shocking incident rocked the nation when Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, became the victim of a violent attack with a hammer at the couple’s California home. A review of police footage from the event has been released today in response to news outlets’ request for transparency. At the time of the attack, there was no solid evidence to support the claim that it was politically motivated – merely speculation – but numerous questions began circulating on various details such as why someone claiming to be friends with Paul would wage an attack and his relatively tempered reaction to finding an intruder in his home. In any case, the circumstances can now be evaluated by all.

The recent bodycam footage released has thrown a spotlight on NBC’s decision to suspend longtime correspondent Miguel Almaguer and delete his report about the attack from their platforms. It is evident from the visual footage that Almaguer’s description of events was accurate, cited from police sources. Yet after airing Almaguer’s report on November 4th,2022, NBC abruptly purged his story from their website, removed the video tweet, and then suspended him for not meeting their reporting standards. This evidence leads to questions about why NBC chose to punish Almaguer for following through with accurate journalism.

Here’s the segment. You be the judge

According to the bodycam footage, this was an accurate description of the events. 

So, why did NBC suspend the reporter and yank the story?

Nancy Pelosi’s worst nightmare is finally on display for all of us to see: a shocking bodycam video featuring Paul Sr. half-dressed in Nancy’s San Francisco home, being attacked by David DePape with a hammer. We have now seen the footage and heard the 911 call from this bizare home invasion,and no doubt Nancy is probably drinking heavily tonight. Whatever your takeaway from all this might be, drop a comment below and tell us what you make of these events, now that we can all witness it for ourselves.

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