Armed With Authority: See How Texas Is Taking Control Of The Situation with Historic Appointment

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The border crisis in Texas has only gotten worse, resulting in a drug and illegal immigrant invasion of the southern border. Governor Abbott is taking action by appointing border czar Mike Banks to lead Operation Lone Star and restore order to the border.

Texas residents have long been concerned about border security with the recent border crisis and drug crisis, and the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border. But Texas residents can rest a bit easier now that Governor Greg Abbott is taking extreme measures to make sure his people are safe.

Breitbart reports, Governor Greg Abbott announced the appointment of a border czar to lead Operation Lone Star. During a press conference in the Rio Grande Valley on Monday, the announcement was made.

Former Border Patrol agent Mike Banks was appointed by Governor Abbott. In the past few days, he retired from the Border Patrol after many years of service.

Recently Texas made some incredible moves to ensure that the border was protected.

Texas.Gov reports.  Airlift assets from the 136th Airlift Wing in Fort Worth, Texas, have been activated and deployed. The aircraft and support personnel had been on alert since early December last year. 

As part of the Governor’s enhanced border security effort, four C-130J cargo aircraft are escorting Soldiers and equipment to El Paso. The units have been stationed since late december, and more than 400 personnel will be mission-ready in El Paso.

Governor Abbott’s border czar appointment is certainly a step in the right direction to combat this border crisis. Mike Banks, with his long history of service to the Border Patrol, is one of few qualified and truly dedicated to protecting our nation from the southern invasion we are witnessing. There are calls for President Donald Trump, if he wins re-election, to send in the troops in order to solve this drug crisis and border security breach once and for all, just adding to the long list of things Trump needs to fix if he becomes president again in 2024. Until then, it is encouraging that Texas has taken initiative in tackling this issue with their border czar appointment. Great job Governor Greg Abbott!

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