Bombshell Revelation: Hunter Biden’s Confession Rocks Political World!

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In what most would call a stupid move, it appears Hunter Biden has finally admitted that the laptop is his. It may be that there were far more malicious intentions behind this scandal than previously thought based on Hunter’s petulant letter seeking a criminal investigation. It looks like Hunter is about to face the music and justice will be served.

Since 2021 America has been wondering exactly what the real story of the Hunter biden laptop is. With bigtech and corporate mainstream media doing everything in their power to cover up the laptops existence it was hard for the real information to make it out there. But now with the twitter files dump America was woken up to just how much trouble Biden, the FBI, and other government agencies went through to lie to the American people. Now it appears all of that work was for nothing, because the first son just admitted it was all real.

Resist the mainstream reports, Hunter Biden’s lawyers acknowledged late Wednesday that the infamous laptop he abandoned in the throes of his crack cocaine addiction belongs to him after all.

Hunter’s lawyers uncovered the revelation in a petulant letter asking for a criminal investigation into its “weaponization.”

Biden attorney Abbe Lowell claims in a 14-page letter to Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings that John Paul Mac Isaac accessed Hunter’s laptop data “unlawfully” and worked with Rudy Giuliani to “weaponize” sordid and incriminating contents on it against Joe Biden in conjunction with former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.

In pursuing legal action, Biden’s attorneys not only publicly confirm the accuracy of the data, they are also dismantling the Russian disinformation narrative peddled by the left, including Biden himself.

Lara Logan tweeted “ So that settles it then – not a conspiracy or Russian disinfo. The laptop is and always was real & they are trying to keep it out of court. This is called panic mode. Hunter Biden asks for criminal probe into Trump allies over laptop”

Kyle Martinsen tweeted ”In a court filing today, Hunter Biden *finally* confirmed what we all knew: the laptop was his. By doing this, he confirmed another thing we all knew: Joe Biden lied.”

The lie that Kyle Martinsen was referring to was the repeated narrative joe Biden put out about the laptop. 

Some have come to the defense of the store owner tweeting “ Hunter Biden authorized John Paul Mac Isaac to access his laptop data. Then he failed to retrieve the laptop. At that point it became abandoned property. & free game.”

Another factor to the now admission of Hunter Biden over his ownership of the laptop is the pending Twitter employee testimony to congress over the big tech companies censorship of the laptop story, and the ongoing collusion between the government and tech companies like Facebook, and Twitter.

This entire debacle just highlights the extreme lengths the Democrat party will go to make sure they do not lose power, and that they are willing to use every means available legal or not. Further the Democrat establishment utilized federal resources, agencies, and other manipulations to ensure that big tech companies like Twitter and Facebook would censor the laptop story and thus interfere with an election. It is beyond criminal what Joe Biden and the Democrats did in their efforts to subvert the freedom of speech, freedom of the press. It is even more criminal the information that is contained on the laptop, and Hunter Biden needs to be fully held accountable for the crimes he committed. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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