Hollywood HORRIFIED as Jon Voight Turns to the Camera and Declares WAR

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Hollywood stars have been left stunned by words uttered by one of their own – staunch conservative actor Jon Voight. The veteran entertainer, who has been part of our lives for decades with iconic roles, has dropped a bombshell video that is sure to send shockwaves throughout the liberal entertainment industry. 

The Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight urged fellow Americans to “speak up now” to “take back our freedom of speech” in a video posted to social media on Wednesday night.

According to Voight, Americans should “take back their freedom of speech,” citing AT&T DirecTV’s recent deplatforming of Newsmax. 

In his message, Voight also called President Biden a “liar, cheat, and deceiver,” adding that his administration is a “disgrace” and a continuation of the lies from Barack Obama’s administration. 

President Trump shared Voight’s video on Truth Social and commented, “THANK YOU.”

Other Twitter users championed Voight’s message as well, with one person writing, “Well said Jon.. thank you for speaking the truth always ..”

Another person thanked Voight for his “inspiring words.”

And another commented, “Huge fan, and love your courage to continue to speak out against these upside down times we are experiencing!!! Keep punching!!!!”

Jon Voight is an amazing conservative patriot and a true role model to many Republicans. He has been the target of criticism due to his views yet he continues to speak the hard truth and never backs down. His powerful words have encouraged more Americans to stand up for their conservative views and have given them inspiration to be brave enough to speak out against the liberal establishment. Overall, Jon Voight is an amazing individual and is worthy of being admired for his courageous bravery in speaking out against the Biden administration. God Bless Mr. Voight!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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