Geraldo Unleashed: Find Out Why His Tweet Has Everyone So Confused!

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Geraldo Rivera’s recent tweet, suggesting that the US could face turmoil if Donald Trump loses the 2024 election has sparked criticism from both conservatives and liberals alike. 

Not only has Fox News contributor aligned himself with the ‘woe mob’ who are still fixated on Trump’s tenure as commander-in-chief, but many are taken aback at his assertion that he won’t be voting for trump in 2024 regardless of his policies.

Conservative brief reports, Geraldo Rivera is in hot water again with critics for a Twitter post suggesting that the country could face turmoil if Donald Trump loses the 2024 election.

Geraldo Rivera tweeted “Donald Trump was a grossly underrated and unfairly besieged president. I will not vote for him in 2024-not because of what he did in office-but what he did after he lost the election. In 2024 the danger to the Republic will not be if he wins. It will be if he loses,”

Conservative twitter immediately rose to the occasion and fired back at Geraldo for his inflammatory comments.

Twitter user RizoPay tweeted “ You need to be fired immediately”

Another twitter user Steve Burdick stated “ All 5 of Geraldos followers give a damn what he thinks.

Ranman tweeted “He’s going to win again in 2024. And this time, he knows politics fa better than before. Keep underestimating him.”

Hodag won the argument by stating “I think you ended that tweet with a very strong reason TO vote for him.”

Geraldo recently took some more shots at other conservatives about their quote unfair treatment of house speaker Kevin Mccarthy.

Yahoo news reports. While McCarthy was running for speaker of the House, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera accused Gaetz of torturing him.

The Florida congressman Matt Gaetz reiterated why he held out on McCarthy for so long, citing, among other reasons, his opposition to omnibus spending bills.

Geraldo is once again showing his true colors, and firmly placing himself on the side of liberal lunatic policies, and firmly embracing the woke mob. His tweet asserting that if Trump lost another bid for the White House that there would be violence is just encouraging the liberal media’s assertions about the general threat from conservatives. Which as we all know is false. The Democrats will truly stop at nothing to retain power over the people, and are utterly terrified of Trump getting back into the oval office, because they know if that happens we will learn all of their secrets. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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