The Florida Plan To Seize Walt Disney World – Find Out More Here!

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made it clear that he is a fighter against the “woke mob” of liberal lunacy. He has now unveiled his plan to dissolve Disney World’sSelf-Governing Status,as a blow against companies wrongfully accusing the state of targeting the LGBTQ+ community. 

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is taking a stand against the liberal lunacy of the woke mob, determined to fight back in the never-ending battle for justice. Unified by their conservative values and commitment to fighting the good fight, this bold move by DeSantis has earned him praise from Floridians and beyond who are fed up with far left radicalism.

Newsmax reports, as Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis prepares to run for the White House, Florida lawmakers are taking over Walt Disney World’s self-governing district and expanding a migrant relocation program.

A special session of the legislature was called by Republican leaders of the statehouse and DeSantis to restructure the Reedy Creek Improvement District.


Additionally, lawmakers will consider creating a state department for migrant transportation after the governor flew South American migrants from Texas to Massachusetts last year.

Recently it was explained what would happen once the special protections are ended for Disney.

Townhall notes, during a special session this week, the Florida legislature will vote on the Reedy Creek Improvement District bill. According to DeSantis’ office, the new law will bring transparency and accountability to the government.


Desantis’ proposed legislation will permanently end Disney’s self-government. 

It imposes a state-controlled, term-limited board – whose members are appointed by the governor – over Disney and its properties. Allows the state to impose taxes on Disney for possible road projects outside of the District’s boundaries. Makes sure Disney pays the $700+ million in unsecured debt, not Florida taxpayers. It also prevents Disney from gaining more land by eminent domain.

Disney’s war on anything that does not fit the liberal mindset is exhausting, and it seems that every day they are making movies or shows that undermine the American way of life. It is great to see that somebody like Desantis is making his stand against the ultra-woke corporation. Desantis has been known to be a fighter, and he is proving himself time and time again on the battlefield of this culture war.

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