CRIMINAL INSANITY Reigns: Violent Robbery Spree Engulfs Lightfoots Chicago

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It would appear that Mayor Lightfoot’s liberal policies have left Chicago a cesspool of crime and wokeness. With her weak stance on crime and her failure to protect citizens, the Windy City has quickly become known as an unfortunate hell hole.

Mayor Lightfoot’s tenure has been a disaster for the people of Chicago, with rampant crime and a seemingly-endless series of liberal policies that have only made the city into a hell hole. The latest example came as burglars held up nine citizens in separate robberies in just over an hour, showing lightfoot is either completely asleep at the wheel or too weak on crime to take effective action.

Daily Caller reports, A group of four men committed nine armed robberies in Chicago within an hour on Friday morning.

Using a black SUV, the thieves held victims at gunpoint while stealing their belongings, according to WGN News.

According to police, the crime spree began at 6:12 am and ended around 7:30 am.


This news comes after a recent poll was conducted in Chicago ahead of the mayoral elections, and guess what was the number one issue.

Chicago Sun Times reports, nearly two-thirds of Chicagoans planning to vote in this month’s municipal election do not feel personally safe from crime. About the same number of people think there is a bad relationship between cops and the community.

These are some key findings from a new poll commissioned by the Chicago Sun-Times, WBEZ, Telemundo Chicago, and NBC5. Nearly half of voters say their top priority when choosing a mayor is to deal with the city’s endemic crime problem.

This poll shows just how bad things under Lori Lightfoot have become, in addition to that poll another one was held to see who is the front runner for the Chicago Mayor race.

Chicago residents are urgently calling for mayor Lori Lightfoot to be removed from office after nine armed robberies occurred over the span of one hour all around the West Side. Confronted with weak-on-crime policies and light punishments from Lightfoot, it appears that Chicago will only continue to fall into a cesspool of violence and fear. Judging by this tragic incident, it can no longer be argued that she is fit for mayor duty; her brand of woke politics has only succeeded in creating a hellhole with little justice or safety for its people.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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