BIDEN’S DISASTER: The Unstoppable Tide of Migration to the Sunshine State Revealed

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In a highly charged and politically polarized climate, the situation at our southern border is gaining more headlines. As no new administration policies come into effect, record numbers of migrants continue to overwhelm our borders from all sides. Americans are increasingly worried about what this means for our future. 

During the first four months of Fiscal Year 23, an unusually large number of migrants have been apprehended along the Florida coastline. Agents in the Miami Sector alone are reported to have apprehended an outrageous number since October 2022. This number is already substantially higher than what was seen in Fiscal Year 22 indicating a significant increase over the course of this period. 

Breitbart reports, fiscal Year 23 began with more immigrant apprehensions than Fiscal Year 22’s first four months. Since October 1, 2022, Miami Sector agents have apprehended 4,681 migrants.

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nationwide Encounters Report released on Friday, Miami Sector agents apprehended 4,009 migrants during the entire FY22. With 4,681 migrants apprehensions in the first four months of this fiscal year, agents surpassed last year’s total.

As compared to last year, Miami Sector agents apprehended only 908 migrants during the same period. The four-month total for this year increased by 415 percent.

The state of Florida expressed immense frustration at the burden the federal government has created.

It appears that these numbers are not included in the Southwest Land Border Encounters report that indicates that 762,383 migrants have been apprehended in the first four months.

Apprehensions in the Miami Sector do not include migrants apprehended at sea by U.S. Naval Air and Marine Operations and U.S. Coast Guard crews. As a result of these agencies, thousands of migrants have been apprehended in the Caribbean

According to the report, most of the migrants apprehended in the Miami Sector this year came from Cuba and Haiti.

From one state with its smaller points of entry, the numbers are already staggering. Yet if we take into account all states, this crisis is even more dire than can be imagined. The Biden Administration has failed to act upon this looming threat of attacks from all sides – whether through land, sea, and current air. State resources were not built to handle this level of crisis yet the Biden Administration continues to do nothing about its border policy

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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