BREAKING: Joe Biden Orders Emergency Evacuation! US Citizens FLEE RUSSIA NOW! 

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As tensions heat up between the US and Russia, and the Biden Administration issues dire warnings for Americans to ‘flee Russia immediately’, one can’t help but ponder: What does Joe know? Is World War 3 really on the horizon? Are we headed for a fateful confrontation that could involve nuclear weapons? What pressing information lies at the heart of these shocking travel advisories and dire threats issued by the US government in an unprecedented move? Only time will tell what dangers lurk around the corner, but one thing is for certain: now is definitely not a good time to visit Mother Russia.

The Biden Administration shocked the world with a travel advisory warning US citizens of deteriorating conditions in Russia and urging immediate departure. US citizens face an increasing risk of harassment and wrongful detention, military leaders contend, as Russia is believed to be preparing to escalate its bloody war against Ukraine.

As such, the State Department upgraded their travel advisory corresponding to the “higher level of instability in the region”. It remains unclear why the warning was released so suddenly and what impacts this will have on diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States, but one thing is for certain: Joe Biden’s grave stance on international relations can only be seen as a potential harbinger of brewing tensions which could lead to World War 3.

So if you were thinking about picking up a second shift at “Friday’s” in Moscow you may want to think again and get out before you are serving bullets on the front line.

Washington Examiner notes, it was a Level 4 travel advisory warning, which is the highest level that the State Department issues to its citizens traveling overseas. The embassy noted that it is hampered by staffing limitations that will limit its ability to assist Americans.

Which basically means, Joe Biden plans to leave you behind like he did the Americans in Afghanistan.

Town Hall notes. Due to American sanctions on Russian financial institutions, Americans are likely to encounter even more challenges when trying to leave Russia since “U.S. credit cards and debit cards no longer work in Russia, and electronic transfer options are extremely limited.”

If U.S. citizens decide to visit Russia anyway, they should plan contingency plans that do not rely on US government assistance and be warned that U.S. citizens have been interrogated without cause and threatened by Russian officials, and may be harassed, mistreated, or extorted by Russian officials and police.

As President Joe Biden prepares to visit Poland ahead of the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, his administration warns that hostilities could grow more fierce this spring.

Biden’s urgent warning for Americans to leave Russia is a confirmation of the rising tensions and increasing risk. With a Level 4 warning from the State Department, Biden is telling us that our safety is not guaranteed and that there may be serious consequences if we do not heed his word. Biden’s callousness in abandoning American citizens abroad has been repeatedly demonstrated in other countries such as Afghanistan. The Biden administration has thrown caution to the wind and left US citizens exposed to risk – this time, to the danger of a World War 3 on Russian soil.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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