OUTRAGE: Biden Surrenders U.S. Border To Cartels?!

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 In a shocking turn of events, the southern border has been completely surrendered to cartels due to Joe Biden’s failed immigration policies.

The situation at the border is only getting worse as economic inflation rises and the need for a wall grows stronger every day. Unfortunately, Biden’s choices have led us to this crisis and it looks like things will not be getting better anytime soon.

Conservative brief reports, Mark Brnovich, Arizona’s Republican attorney general, is raising the alarm about the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. During an interview on Fox News, Brnovich slammed Joe Biden’s “failed” immigration policies.

Brnovich stated “Every time you think … we’ve hit rock bottom, something else happens, There’s a record amount of people flooding into this country this year. Just last week, our office was involved in a record amount of fentanyl seized. Americans are dying. Our cities are more dangerous as a result of the failed Biden administration’s policies.”

Brnovich says the drug cartels “have taken operational control” of the southern border, with Arizona seizing more than six million fentanyl pills within a week.

Joe Biden has also recently announced that he will be removing the surveillance blimps from the southern border. 

However it looks like Arizona will hopefully soon see some relief from the insane tactics of the Biden administration’s lack of help on the southern border, with the impending impeachment of DHS Secretary Mayorkas.

Fox news reports. Impeachment should be a last resort, as renowned Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story said. The Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives said in 2019, “[w]hen faced with credible evidence of extraordinary wrongdoing … the House must investigate and determine whether impeachment is warranted.” 

This investigation is justified by the “extraordinary wrongdoing” of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas in causing an unprecedented border, national security, and illegal immigration catastrophe.

That’s a position we don’t take lightly. Neither political reasons nor disagreements with the policy priorities of the administration that controls the executive branch should be grounds for impeachment of federal officials.

Mayorkas, however, is usurping Congress’ powers on a large scale. 

By repeatedly violating the laws he swore to enforce, he has violated his oath of office. Through reckless conduct, he has abused the powers of his office and put the safety and security of the American people and law enforcement personnel at risk. Moreover, he has repeatedly misled the public about the nature and effects of his misconduct by making false statements to Congress. 

A cabinet official cannot ignore the law he has sworn to enforce, and certainly cannot instruct executive branch employees to violate it. No cabinet official has the right to make misleading statements or to lie to Congress and the public. 

Joe Biden’s immigration policies have been nothing but a disaster, plain and simple. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich rightly called out his failed policies for allowing cartels to take control of our southern border, leading to record amounts of illegal aliens crossing into the US, as well as more dangerous streets due to the influx of narcotics. This ongoing lawless invasion has consequences that are being felt in our economy and with inflation – not to mention the tragic human cost. It is time for President Biden to build Trump’s wall before things deteriorate any further.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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