Horrifying Consequences: Mayorkas puts Poland’s border security ahead of America’s!

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Homeland security Alejandro Mayorkas recently touted as a great success his new efforts to tackle border security, but there’s a catch: it isn’t on American soil. While Mayorkas’ impressive new motivation to care about a border is admirable, this overlooks the massive attention needed around our United States border. What about that border?

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has taken an actively generous role in increasing security measures on A borders, and with this new found apatite to secure a border; he has recently decided to visit Poland to see first-hand what the United States is doing to protect the borders of our European allies in the wake of renewed Russian aggression. Hopefully this experience he is planning to gain from how to care for someone else’s border will translate to how to care for our border, perhaps?

Town hall reports, recently, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Department of Homeland Security secretary, visited Poland to observe the border security measures provided by the United States following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In preparation for the one-year anniversary of the conflict, assistance will be deployed along the Polish-Ukrainian border to ensure the safety of people traveling to and from the war zone.

Days before Mayorkas traveled to secure the Polish border he appeared on failed CNN anchor Chris Wallace’s show. Clearly, discussions of his mishandling of our border did not change his mind before traveling to Poland.

In the 17th Homeland security tweeted, Yesterday, @SecMayorkas was in Poland where he began the day with a visit to the Korczowa Border Crossing Point. The Secretary was able to see firsthand how U.S. technology is aiding & impacting operations at the Ukraine/Poland border.

According to Homeland Security’s press release about Mayorkas’ visit, the agency supports “Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation in helping to build international and industry relationships and improve the security of Ukraine’s infrastructure. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is assisting Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service and Customs Service with capacity building efforts via coordination with Department of State to improve and enhance Ukraine’s border security.”

Despite the possibility of being under investigation for mishandling the U.S. border situation, Mayorkas continued to travel abroad and assured other countries of their border protection by the us. This is a disgraceful display of negligence, especially when our own border crossings continue to break record numbers with migrants and criminals making their way across unchecked and unmonitored. That to me sounds like an added bonus to why this man should be impeached immediately. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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