Biden Caught in the Act: Don Jr Roasts Him After CNN Slips Revealing Fake Ukraine Air Raid Siren

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In the lead up to President’s Day, President Joe Biden made a bold move to pay a visit to one of his biggest life investments: Ukraine. In going out into what is, effectively, an active war zone in a show of patriotism and courage, Biden wanted to set an example for all Americans. However, unsurprisingly given the political climate lately, not everyone was supportive. One of President Biden’s own leftist news mouthpieces may have blown his cover while there.

Joe Biden’s decision to spend President’s Day in Ukraine instead of visiting the Ohio town of East Palestine has been highly controversial. After videos surfaced of Biden and Ukraine president Zelenskyy walking through Kviv while air raid sirens blared in the background, the press were quick to jump on it—only to be embarrassed by one of his own CNN reporters who revealed that the sirens had actually been staged for to favor their agenda!.

We Love Trump reports, Joe Biden decided to spend Presidents Day in Ukraine rather than East Palestine, Ohio following an environmental disaster caused by a toxic train fire.

It was obvious that the Biden Administration hoped to get a good photo opportunity with Biden and Ukrainian actor president Zelensky.

Boy, did they give it their all…

In Ukraine, the media went crazy after a video showed Biden and Zelenskyy walking through Kviv as air raid sirens blared.

Both men were lauded as heroes for fighting for democracy and taking such risks.

There was only one problem: it was all a show.

It is ironic that a CNN anchor outed the staged performance.

Don Jr was having none of it and he outed Biden’s drama play and roasted them all for it.

This is the perfect moment that the Biden team went there to capture.

This move by the administration is nothing short of poetic. They know they cannot win this battle, so they take to these underhanded tactics, thinking nobody will catch it. Lo and behold, their very own reporter reveals their deception to the people — not just in Ukraine but in the United States, too. We should all be wondering why such a strategy was necessary in the first place. It does little more than further erode public trust in our leaders and serve as an absolute disgrace and embarrassment to have the president of the free world standing Presidents Day with Ukraine, with faked air raid sirens, instead of his people. Surely that reporter will soon be put on unpaid leave for letting the cat out of the bag.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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