BOOM! Cruz Exposes Zelensky’s ‘Theater’ During Biden Visit

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On Presidents Day, with a surprise betrayal of his country, Joe Biden made it clear that he had no qualms about putting the interests of Ukraine before America. Senator Ted Cruz was quick to speak out against Biden’s visit and the role Ukrainian president Zelensky played in it, making some what the left would call conspiratorial accusations.

Sen. Ted Cruz has been critical of President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Ukraine, claiming it was nothing more than a “theater” and factually claiming that the air raid sirens used were fake. In an episode of his podcast this week, Cruz discussed his stance on the visit, accusing Biden of using the photo-op in Ukraine for political gain rather than focusing on obvious problems at home. It’s clear that Cruz sees Biden’s trip as a waste of time and taxpayer money.

The washington examiner reports,

Ted Cruz says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenky is involved in “theater” during this week’s visit from President Joe Biden.

In a show of solidarity against Russia, Biden made a surprise visit to the war-torn country on Monday .On his podcast this week, Cruz claimed Biden’s entire trip was a stunt, complete with fake air raid sirens.

Here is the Senator on his Podcast, ‘The Verdict With Ted Cruz’

Several conservatives suspected that the sirens during Biden’s trip were set up until CNN reporter Alex Marquardt outed The Biden Administration saying, “I’ve been here for five days. I haven’t heard any explosions. I didn’t hear any air sirens until about half an hour ago, as President Biden was walking through Kyiv..”

Ted Cruz dives deeper to prove his point that the visit was a PR stunt.

During his visit to Ukraine, Biden was criticized by Republicans for not visiting East Palestine, Ohio. This would have been an easy 30 minute flight from the White House, compared to the 12 hour flight to Ukraine.

This administration clearly made a significant mistake and it is likely to haunt them in the future. However, it is also promising that big name republican leaders like Ted Cruz are not afraid to publicly criticize them. Right now the Republican Party is transitioning into a new era, one where constructive criticism openly flows and views don’t have to be hidden away as in the McConnell years. This gives conservatives hope for a brighter future within party, one where members can engage with different opinions. This was a step in the right direction by Ted Cruz.

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