Border Horror! Blackburn & Orozco Sound Alarm, Unite To End Trafficking!

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Human trafficking is an urgent global issue that has caused immense suffering for decades. Unfortunately, it has been made worse by the liberal policies of our current administration. Thankfully, Congressman Marsha Blackburn and other lawmakers in Mexico are stepping up to address this crisis at our disastrous border. Their courageous efforts send a powerful message; together we stand united against human trafficking.

On a podcast, Senator Marsha Blackburn discussed the prevalence of human trafficking on the U.S.-Mexico border with Rosi Orozco, an advocate for victims of this heinous crime. Orozco is also a former congresswoman from Mexico and has dedicated her life to combating human trafficking; her firsthand experience was invaluable in painting America a picture of what exactly is happening south of our border. On the podcast, both women spoke to the evils that human traffickers bring and how victims suffer unbearably due to their devious operations.

Breitbart reports, on the Unmuted with Marsha podcast, Marsha Blackburn and Rosi Orozco discussed how bad human trafficking is on America’s southern border.

During the interview, Blackburn spoke with former Mexican lawmaker Orozco about his work to fight human trafficking.

In their trip to the Del Rio, Texas, area of the southern border, Blackburn, Sens. Katie Britt (R-AL) and Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) met with Orozco.

According to Blackburn, Orozco passed the only legislation to reduce human trafficking in Mexico.

According to the former lawmaker, she won her election through a campaign against human trafficking.

Let’s TAKE A LOOK at their discussion

Orozco now helps many victims of human trafficking.

At the border, Orozco said they saw so many shoes belonging to young children, a sign of trafficking.

According to Breitbart News, 72,000 migrants illegally crossed the border in December without being apprehended.

It is estimated that approximately 844,000 migrants were either apprehended after crossing the border or got away during the first quarter of 2023, according to unofficial Border Patrol estimates

It’s inspiring to see leaders like Senator Marsha Blackburn taking action on such a difficult and important issue as human trafficking. She is bringing much-needed attention to something that happens far too often at our borders and around the world.  Unfortunately, this conversation needs to extend beyond just our borders – it must include what the Mexican government is doing, or not doing, to intervene in cartels that are orchestrating these activities within their borders. It’s essential that Mexico has skin in the game if real change is going to happen here. Clearly the laws the Mexican congresswoman put in place aren’t being executed or they would be having a much different conversation.

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