Hollywood Fundraiser First, East Palestine Sufferers Later: Ohio Dem Sen. Sherrod Brown’s Priorities

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The disastrous news from East Palestine, Ohio emitted shockwaves throughout the country. Typically crises often reveal the strength of a leader but the government’s handling of this man-made disaster has raised eyebrows higher than ever before. Elected representatives are chosen by their constituents to protect them during times of hardship and need but it seems that Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown has been completely missing in action throughout the ordeal. 

Sen. JD Vance summed up the current crisis in Ohio perfectly when he posted several videos to social media, which were a much-needed wake-up call for Republicans, who are seeking answers about what President Biden and Buttigieg did to contribute to East Palestine’s suffering. Unfortunately, the same question cannot be asked of the state’s Democrats — most notably, Sherrod Brown — as not only has he been absent on this issue but he has continued to lavish special interests in Los Angeles and other highly-publicized cities with wealth, despite the ongoing problems his own constituents are facing at home. 

The Patriot Journal reports, East Palestine, OH, is being ignored by the Biden administration. He wants you to ignore it as well. In the aftermath of the train derailment, evidence suggests that the government is causing serious health problems. Toxic chemicals have been released into the environment, affecting local residents and wildlife.

On social media, Sen. JD Vance exposed the crisis. He and other Republicans are concerned about what Biden and Buttigieg did to Ohio. Yet, where are all of the Democrats? What are they doing to assist the state? Sherrod Brown is one of the senior senators from Ohio. While East Palestine suffered, he jetted off to La, La Land.

According to Breitbart, Sherrod will face a tough reelection campaign in Ohio, which has swung for President Donald Trump twice and elected Republican Sen. J.D. Vance over Democrat Tim Ryan in recent years.

While his state faces a serious health crisis, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio attended a Hollywood fundraiser. The event was hosted by a former Obama official who called Brown a “progressive champion.”

The Democrat senator certainly had his priorities straight. After all, he was getting his money from the liberal elites in California. So the working class had to wait.

Once the Democrat Senator could be bothered to discuss what’s happening in his home state, he discussed accountability measures he was working on.

Senator Brown’s silence on the matter in his state is absolutely disgraceful. He was too focused on getting funding for himself in California instead of attending to the man-made disaster imposed on  his constituents in Ohio. Not only did he remain quiet but, just like President Biden, he completely failed to even visit the city. People like Brown should receive notice from the public that their behavior will not be tolerated anymore. It’s time for Ohioans to kick power-hungry politicians to the curb and elect more people like JD Vance who was at the forefront of the issue

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