All Out Chaos – Cops Refusing Calls: Is This The Beginning Of Anarchy?

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California is idiotically taking new steps in radicalizing its police departments. Despite the ongoing controversy that has surrounded the need for law enforcement reform, this effort by the city council reflects a passion for going beyond anti-basic law enforcement. We thought defunding the police was just the beginning for them but it seems to be the result of these newly proposed bills that will certainly enact more chaos in the liberal state all in the name of reallocating resources.

Following the announcement of a set of new proposals by the Los Angeles Police Department’s union on Wednesday, officers may no longer be responding to non-violent and non-emergency calls. This progressive approach would see more than two dozen types of 911 calls instead routed to other city agencies or nonprofit organizations, thus freeing up police resources for more urgent cases. It remains to be seen how this policy will play out in terms of reducing call response times and streamlining services for residents, but we can guess the outcome.

Fox News reports, with a new proposal unveiled, Los Angeles police officers will no longer respond to non-violent and non-emergency calls. 

A union proposal lists more than two dozen different types of 911 calls where other city agencies or nonprofit organizations would be contacted first.

All of us with brain cells can clearly infer as to why they are resorting to these measures, but let’s see what the police union has to say.

The magic word, “overworked” police officers, we know what it means. All their cops have fled to red states.

Upon receiving an initial call from another agency or affiliated nonprofit, officers would only respond if the situation became violent or criminal.

Following the death of George Floyd while under the custody of Minneapolis police in 2020, the proposals were made. Several police departments across the country have been asked to reform the ways they handle mental health and other calls that are not related to violence or criminal activity.

Many activist groups have long called for Los Angeles police to stop responding to mental health calls, minor traffic collisions, and encounters in homeless encampments, pointing to instances in which officers have fatally shot people.

The union said, The Los Angeles proposal comes amid the union’s contract negotiations with the city and activist demands to reduce or eliminate armed responses. Ultimately, the proposal will be decided by the City Council and the mayor’s office.

The gap between police presence and citizen need in Los Angeles is reaching visibly epic proportions due to the growing exodus of cops from the department. More alarmingly, this is not a problem confined to the City of Angels, as other major liberal cities have also reported decreases in their police forces recently. It appears that extreme red states have so far not been affected by such losses – a factoid that calls into question why certain cities are suffering more than others. In any case, whatever their political leanings may be, these officers deserve better treatment and for those previously left leaning we hope you see the light now.

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