White House Admits “No Backup Plan” if SCOTUS Crushes His Student Loan Bailout Scheme

The White House has finally admitted to the public that its attempts to fix the broken student debt crisis have encountered serious failure.
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The White House has finally admitted to the public that its attempts to fix the broken student debt crisis have encountered serious failure.

This announcement exposes the unfair transfer of wealth and inflation burdening the economy with rampant inflation, caused by Democrats’ lack of fiscal responsibility and equal protections for young Americans.

Washington Examiner reports, in the event that the Supreme Court strikes down the $400 billion student debt transfer, the White House said on Thursday that it has no backup plan.

The high court heard arguments in two lawsuits filed by plaintiffs arguing that the debt transfer was illegal on Feb. 28. The program will benefit more than 26 million people, with some eligible to receive up to $20,000, but will leave them holding their original debt if it is declared unconstitutional by the court.

While oral arguments are going on at the supreme court, one of the justices cannot get over the price tag of the decision.

CNN reports, the chief justice challenged the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness program’s price tag – “about half a trillion dollars” – during oral arguments Tuesday. His repeated mention of the big cost reinforced a broader, more familiar point that could undermine executive power and strengthen the Supreme Court.

In a three-and-a-half-hour session, Roberts was especially active in the center chair, asserting the court’s authority and his own. The majority of his colleagues are to his ideological right, but the cases in question have given Roberts a commanding presence in an area of law he has been driving for the past 18 years.

It is an emerging “major questions doctrine,” embraced by the right and generally prohibiting agency action on matters of vast economic and political significance without clear congressional authorization.
As he questioned the fairness of federal assistance for a student with a college loan, over someone who had never been to college and instead started a lawn care business, he showed an attitude toward basic policy choices.

It is no surprise that the White House has begun to walk back their approach to student loan forgiveness debacle. Instead of fighting for fairness and equal protections, they have been attempting to tax away inflation and transfer wealth, leaving our economy at an unfair disadvantage. This outrageous admission highlights Democrats’ lack of solutions for our nation’s youth, and shows just how divided they are when it comes to creating change in education policy. As conservatives continue to battle against government overreach and its threat to our future, it becomes all too evident that mainstream media have failed to report on certain facts – bending the truth in order to launch an attack against our beliefs. In the end, this marks a sad day for young Americans seeking financial freedom, as we fight for responsible economic management and equal opportunity in any educational pursuit.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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