Tulsi Gabbard exposes Dems’ warmongering!

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It’s been a historic two years of Democrats making the brave choice to leave their evil party and explore other political opportunities. Tulsi Gabbard at CPAC this weekend was the perfect example. Despite her history with the Democratic Party, she appears to be embracing conservative values more as time goes on – sometimes without even realizing it. 

Former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard spoke at CPAC and laid bare what she believes to be the dangers of Democratic policies. She accused the current administration of funding a destructive war in Ukraine, silencing ideological diversity, and intensifying existing divisions in our nation. Moreover, Gabbard warned of misguided ‘identity politics’, claiming that it had increased racial tensions instead of bridging them. At this point even her former party won’t even recognize her.

The Epoch Times reports, Democratic leaders are funding a dangerous war in Ukraine, suppressing ideological dissent, and polarizing the country. The former Democratic presidential candidate said this during CPAC’s final day.

In her remarks, the former congresswoman attacked radical gender ideology and accused President Biden of stoking racial tensions by shifting to identity politics. She accused Biden of “fanning the flames of divisiveness.”

Here she had more to say about the radical direction that her former party is headed toward.

Now an independent, Gabbard denounced her former political party for its reckless armament of Ukraine and warned that the policy of providing lethal aid was bringing the U.S. to the “brink of nuclear war.”

Gabbard, a combat veteran who served two tours in Iraq, has long advocated for the end of “regime change wars” and a more restrained approach to foreign policy. There are many Republicans who agree with Gabbard’s anti-war stance.

She then said the truest of words about this nuclear war on the horizon.

Tulsi Gabbard is not wrong in calling out the Democratic Party: they should be ashamed of themselves especially to have ex members of their own party speak out so vehemently against them, indicating that they are not listening to the needs and wants of constituents. This leadership is sorely lacking, and America is certainly grateful to have fighters like Gabbard who can hopefully change minds. We also know she won’t be the last Democrat to depart her party, especially just how progressive they’re getting. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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