Biden Jokes About His Own Mental Decline: Only He’s Laughing Now

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It’s true that laughter can be the best medicine but what if the one telling the joke isn’t funny? President Biden found himself in this situation recently, when he tried to tell jokes to firefighters and things didn’t go well. Unfortunately forcing yourself to laugh doesn’t apply to that saying either. One would say it was the mumbling that did the joke a disservice but who are we.

Monday night was unfortunately another one of those times when Joe Biden too made another fool of himself. He seemed to be in a rather light-hearted mood as he mumbled almost incoherently, giving out a few nonsensical statements meant as jokes. What particularly shocked people was the point where he claimed that he had to be diagnosed with something and doctors had to check his head to see whether he had brain or not. It certainly us with more questions than concern.

Trending politics reports, Joe Biden addressed the International Association of Fire Fighters Monday, with jokes and sincere thanks for the role fire fighters played in his life. 

In 1988, Biden suffered a cranial aneurysm and in 2004, a lightning strike ignited a fire at his Delaware residence. Firefighters rescued him both times.

Biden then embarked on a tangent towards never land where he made his joke about the doctors checking if he had a brain.

Fascinating story and joke. Right?

After that, Biden mentioned the 2004 house fire – an incident he often brings up when speaking to firefighter groups.

He later joked that in Delaware there were three political parties – Democrats, Republicans, and fire fighters – and he won a longshot Senate bid in 1972 with the support of the firefighters.

The president weaved in policy messages too. 

Biden noted, ‘With climate change getting so severe we’re calling on you more and more and more.”

In addition to responding to mass shootings, fire fighters have also been called upon for assistance.

It’s a minor miracle that the firefighters survived that braindead speech from President Biden and still retained their sanity. Those firefighters must be exceptionally resilient to have endured one of the worst speeches in recent history. Despite this, there is a silver-lining: Biden actually spoke positively about emergency services, something all first responders deserve recognition for regardless of who is giving the thanks. These brave workers keep us safe every day, and we owe them our humble gratitude. Small victories.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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