AZ Governor just Failed Every Student in Her State by Vetoing this Critical Bill

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Katie Hobbs, the newly elected Democratic governor of Arizona, vetoed a bill that would have prohibited public schools from teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT).

This marks her 16th veto as Governor.

According to Senate Bill 1305, Arizona public schools could have been fined up to $5,000 if they taught that one race is “inherently morally or intellectually superior” to another. Prior to reaching Hobbs’ desk, the legislation passed the state house by a 31-29 vote and the state senate by a 16-12 vote.

In a press release following her rejection of the bill, Hobbs stated, “It is time to stop utilizing students and teachers in culture wars based on fear mongering and unfounded accusations.”

Americans are taught to view social interactions through the lens of race by CRT. As a result, its adherents aim to eliminate racism by denying merit, objective truth, and adopting policies that reflect racial differences.

By enacting the legislation, schools would have been prohibited from teaching that one’s moral character is determined by their skin color or that they are responsible for the actions of others from the same ethnic group because of their race.

Across the country, the governors of red states have taken action to prohibit the teaching of CRT in public schools.

It is simply a shame that Hobbs vetoed Senate Bill 1305, a bill designed to protect vulnerable children from being taught that one race is “inherently superior” over another. Her decision amounts to a massive waste of a good piece of legislation and reignites questions about her commitment to so-called accountability. With Hobbs sitting on 16 vetos under her leadership already, it begs the question – who is she really serving?

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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