FDA Knew of Bacteria Before Recalling Baby Formula

Parents all around the nation are outraged after learning it took months for the FDA to recall baby formula contaminated with a deadly pathogen.
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Parents all around the nation are outraged after learning it took months for the FDA to recall baby formula contaminated with a deadly pathogen.

What’s even more shocking is that under Biden’s leadership, the FDA had already known about the contamination but still allowed it in infant formula- leaving infants exposed to unknown threats since early 2021!

Audacy reports, The Food and Drug Administration in February announced a recall for certain Enfamil baby formula that might have been contaminated with Cronobacter sakazakii — the same deadly bacteria that sparked a massive infant formula recall in 2021 which led to a nationwide shortage for months.

FDA officials knew the products tested positive for the bacteria several months before the recall was issued, exposing infants to the deadly pathogen during this lag time.

Reckitt found Cronobacter Sakazakii in a batch of formula produced at its plant in Zeeland, Michigan in September. In spite of the fact that the FDA destroyed that batch of formula, they found that it had not been sufficiently cleaned following the positive test.

On February 20, more than five months after the products were distributed nationally, including in Guam and Puerto Rico, two batches of formula made right after the contaminated batch were recalled.

Despite testing negative for contaminants, Reckitt said it issued the recall out of an abundance of caution. No mention was made of a previous positive test months earlier, nor were any specific steps taken to correct the problem. The company simply said, “We have identified the root cause, which was linked to a material from a third party. We have taken all appropriate corrective actions, including no longer sourcing this material from the supplier.”

According to Mitzi Baum, CEO of STOP Foodborne Illness, a group that advocates on behalf of outbreak victims, the length of time between the positive test and recall is unacceptable.

Baum stated “It’s stunning that it’s almost identical to what happened in 2021. Lessons have not been learned, FDA continues to be reactive. It’s the internal processes that have not been fixed, if this is happening again.”

Four babies contracted Cronobacter infections in 2021 after consuming formula from Abbott Laboratories’ infant formula plant in Sturgis, Michigan — one of the country’s largest infant formula manufacturing facilities. There were two deaths among the infants. As a result of FDA investigation, the plant was forced to close for several months as a result of numerous safety and health violations. This led to a massive recall and nationwide shortage in the infant formula supply chain, which was already struggling with global supply issues.

Parents across the nation were outraged when it was discovered that the FDA had allowed deadly bacteria in infant formula for months before finally taking action and issuing a recall. After months of trusting officials with the well-being of their children, parents were met with concerns over bad ethics and toxic leadership decisions hailing from Joe Biden’s administration. The unveiling of facts surrounding the recall only deepened these sentiments, leaving people wondering why it took so long to detect the pathogen. Further questions arose as to how the FDA managed to miss such a severe danger lurking in baby formula all together – and families demand answers! It appears that in seeking justice, only time will tell what hidden truth will be revealed behind this infant formula recall.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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