Dennis Quaid Claims Power Grid Failure Could Be Catastrophic!

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Actor Dennis Quaid is valiantly trying to spark a return to the days of old when Hollywood celebrities thought for themselves and embraced common sense – unlike today, when it seems they would rather bow down to whatever the media tells them. Gone are the days we hoped for entirely sane opinions from our movie stars and public figures, but now even just common sense would be a welcome change.

Daily Wire reports, according to Dennis Quaid, a catastrophic power failure would make the COVID pandemic “look like a kids’ show.”

He explained how a failure of this magnitude could have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of society during an interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters.

In the documentary “Grid Down, Power Up,” Quaid suggested that the United States was taking a risk by failing to prepare for a possible power grid failure.

Quaid pointed to his own 2004 film about climate disasters, explaining, “There have been several attacks on substations. I heard about one a couple of months ago. This is not ‘Day After Tomorrow’ by the way, this is tomorrow, I think. It could happen.”

Later in the segment, Watters asked Quaid whether Hollywood made it difficult for him to speak his mind.

Why can’t all people in Hollywood be in the middle like him? We will probably never agree on everything he says but at least he’s able to think for himself and you can respect that. Dennis Quaid says, something major needs to happen to bring us back to the middle. Do you think he’s right? Or is there some other solution we have yet to think about, perhaps the convention of states first.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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