Joe Biden Caught Doing What He Does Best: Being Creepy!

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Joe Biden’s history with children is deeply concerning. As an adult male, common sense should dictate that he would take extra care when it comes to interacting with minors of the opposite sex. His actions speak otherwise – from kissing young girls and putting his hands on them to even rubbing noses with infants – it is obvious that Biden has little consideration for what is appropriate behavior. Perhaps if mainstream media reported the inappropriate behavior, that would curb his actions. Do they? 

Joe Biden’s recent trip to Mississippi has caused quite a stir after an incident involving him and another young girl was caught on video. The video, which featured Biden putting his hands on the shoulders of the young girl, has sparked no attention by the mainstream media, surprise surprise.

The post Millennial reports, a new video of Creepy Joe has just been released showing him being creepy. Joe Biden visited Rolling Fork, Mississippi, on Friday to tour areas affected by a recent tornado, during which he touched another girl uncomfortably.

The president is seen in a TikTok video posted by user lauramclaughlin37 grasping the youngster’s hand and leaning over into her, appearing to pull her closer to him. While blocking the camera’s view and invading her personal space, the president touches the young girl’s necklace.

He does all this while standing next to his wife.

As you can tell, the little girl is terrified of the creepy old man.

This is the latest in a series of uncomfortable encounters between the 80-year-old Biden and minors.

While speaking at Irvine Valley College in October 2022, Biden leaned over a girl for a photo op, put his hand over her shoulder, and gave her dating advice.

Here is some footage for those thinking we’re making this stuff up.

Biden gave the same dating advice to another group of girls in March 2022, saying “the only thing I want you girls to remember, no serious guys ’til you’re 30 years old.”

The democrats would excuse this by saying we all have a grandparent that has no sense of boundary. We respond with, yes those grandparents are not allowed to be unsupervised with the children or allowed to run for president of the United States. They’re either in a home or being taken care of by their spouse. We should not have a grown adult saying these kinds of things to children, it doesn’t matter if they’re president.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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