Migrant Apprehensions Skyrocket For The First Time Since Biden Took Office

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It’s been a tumultuous time for the U.S.-Mexico border – a site of heated debate and crisis management. However, in quite the surprising twist, there’s some good news to report in relation to apprehensions at the border; an event that was once seen as a major red flag is now telling a different story. Although the current crisis remains and won’t go away until the administration changes, we had something to report that was not completely negative.

After the new Biden administration policies were implemented, there was an immediate decrease in migrant apprehensions along the southwest border with Mexico. However, in March of this year, that trend came to a sudden stop as 161,000 migrants were apprehended. 

Breitbart reports, during the two months prior to March, agents arrested about 129,000 migrants, an increase of nearly 25 percent.

As a result of the Biden administration’s announcement in December to apply the Title 42 Coronavirus protection protocol to certain nationalities, migrant apprehensions fell to 128,913 in January after peaking in FY23 at 221,693 in December. The number of apprehensions declined for the second consecutive month in February after 128,877 were arrested.

According to Breitbart Texas, unofficial reports reviewed by Breitbart Texas showed a spike in apprehensions in March to slightly more than 161,000. As of March, large groups of migrants were crossing the Arizona and Texas borders.

More than 1,000 migrants crossed the border from Mexico near El Paso, Texas, on March 30. Initially, the migrants crossed in small groups, but their numbers quickly grew to over 1,000. As a result, Border Patrol agents had to surge into the area to expedite the immigration process.

Here was the incident

In March, El Paso Sector agents apprehended 38,000 migrants – up 50 percent from 2022. The number is also higher than February, when agents apprehended just over 32,000 migrants.

Breitbart Texas reported on March 21 that migrant apprehensions topped 1 million in the first half of the fiscal year. Nationally, more than 1,060,000 migrants were apprehended by the end of March.

Before the Biden administration tries to claim this as a win for themselves, like they do anything that happens by accident, these numbers were only possible because large groups had returned to crossing the border for the month of March. Had those groups not returned the numbers would have remained at its record low apprehension. The reason those large groups crossed came that month was because of the open border policies.

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