Losing Elections No Longer sustainable for Stacey Abrams: Gets Fake Job Instead

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 After repeated losses in her Georgia governor run, Stacey Abrams turns a new page in her pathetic book called life. She managed to fool one indoctrination institution to legally pay her a salary instead of siphoning it from her failed campaigns. Could this be it for Abrams for politics? 

Abrams, the divisive political activist who has been eyeing the Georgia governor’s mansion for years, has found a new job. Howard University announced that Abrams had coerced them into giving her a paid position – our words not theirs – announcing that she will be serving as the inaugural Ronald W. Walters Endowed Chair for Race and Black Politics.

Fox 5 broke what they thought to be exciting news for Howard University.

Howard tweeted their excitement with a link to their press release.

Saying, “We’re going to be the answer to societal issues,” [Howard President Wayne A.I. Frederick] said. “We’re going to hire public intellectuals who will bring the type of discourse” to campus that will inform and inspire students to solve problems.

Howard students have activism embedded in their DNA, he said. “We want to make sure they are good advocates, they understand the issues, that they’re going to be in positions to help make the laws, help to change the laws, but that they are educated in what needs to be changed and why and how to change it. We want them fully equipped to be politically active.”

 Given Abrams’ prominence as a political activist and her focus on issues of race and inequality, it’s easy to see why Howard University would want her on board.

However, Abrams’ refusal to rule out another run for office is concerning. After losing the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race to Republican Brian Kemp, Abrams has been mulling another run in 2022.

Despite her repeated loss, she has continued to be a force in Georgia politics, leading voter registration efforts and turning the state blue in the 2020 presidential election.

“During an interview this week, Abrams did not rule out running for office again, but said she wasn’t focusing on politics at the moment,” the report notes, showing Abrams may have not given up on politics. 

It’s clear that Abrams is not ready to give up on politics. Despite her new position at Howard University, she remains deeply involved in her liberal causes. The Washington Post report notes that activism is a big part of her life and that her appointment as the Ronald W. Walters Endowed Chair will not slow her down.

This raises important questions about whether Abrams will be able to separate her academic duties from her political ambitions. As an academic, her role should be to promote critical thinking and intellectual exploration. But if her primary focus is on running for office, it’s hard to see how she will be able to fulfill that role.

What it looks like from what the Howard president said in his comments, they are looking for an activist to create future activists instead of leaders. What we will say is, they won’t find a more failed activist than Abrams..The black culture will only worsen with Abrams leading future generations. As Abrams would say, it’s a manufactured match in hell.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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