New Poll Reveals Americans Not Falling for Electric Car Propaganda!

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A recently released poll about electric vehicle future purchases will give climate scammers a heart attack. Are you one of the Americans planning to give these environmentalists a heart attack with your next vehicle choice?

In recent years, various states have set out to achieve 100 percent usage of electric vehicles, coercing people into buying them for the betterment of the environment. The Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center conducted a poll between Jan. 31-Feb. 15 with 5,400 respondents, which revealed that a paltry 19% of Americans were “extremely likely” or “very likely” to switch to electric vehicles for their next car. 

The study came to the fore despite new rules announced by California Air Resources Board in 2020 mandating that 35% of new vehicles sold will be zero-emissions cars by 2026, a bar that would rise to 68% by 2030 and reach a 100% benchmark by 2035.

The majority of poll respondents stated that high costs of electric vehicles were a major deterrent, with a lack of charging stations for the cars and personal preference for gas-fueled cars being secondary. Concerns about charging times and a lack of faith in current battery technology also played a pivotal role in developing the reluctance of the electorate to purchase electric vehicles.

Interestingly, those respondents who were in favor of buying electric cars cited reduction in fuel costs, government tax benefits, and decreased climate impact as primary motives.

AP-NORC Center Deputy Director Jennifer Benz said in a statement, “While there is plenty of interest in purchasing an electric vehicle, the high upfront cost of owning one and concerns about the country’s charging infrastructure are barriers to more people driving them. Policies that alleviate these concerns will be a key component of building support.”

Nevertheless, researchers have noted that California’s and other states’ power grids are not yet equipped to handle increased electric vehicle usage. As a result of a heat wave that threatened to overwhelm the grid last summer, California officials asked residents not to charge their electric cars.

California Air Resources Board regulations will require heavy duty truck manufacturers to enact increasingly strict standards to encourage electric vehicles, such that 100% of new truck sales will be zero-emission by 2045. EPA granted the state two waivers last month so it can enforce federal standards.

PragerU went around in California challenging people’s belief of zero emission and let’s just say, some people sang a different tune on the matter afterwards. 

State governments have been trying to promote electric vehicles as a means to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change. Forgetting that in a capitalistic society the government does not control products. People vote with their money and it’s obvious, the majority of reasonable Americans will not be forced to vote with their hard earned money. Nor will they waste their time on something as time consuming as EV. People would rather gas up in 5 minutes than charge in 45 mins.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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