Joe Biden’s War on America Causing Extreme Financial Stress

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Americans are feeling the pinch thanks to Joe Biden’s energy policies and economic decisions. Anyone who denies it is either part of his circle benefit from our destruction or straight out lying.

More than a year into Joe Biden’s presidency, financial stress seems to be the norm for Americans. A recent survey conducted by CNBC’s Your Money Financial Confidence revealed that 70% of Americans are stressing over their finances, with inflation being a major factor. It is an understatement that we know about this administration.

According to Bloomberg, the survey found that Biden’s war on American energy was the main driver of inflation, causing 60% of respondents to feel financial stress. The average 40-year-high inflation is costing American households an extra $5,200 in 2022 or $433 per month.

But it’s not just inflation that’s causing financial stress. The survey also revealed that increased interest rates, rising credit card debt, and the instability of the banking system are adding to Americans’ financial woes.

The country is now facing rising inflation, which is directly impacting the financial stability of American families. According to the survey, 60% of respondents listed inflation as the main reason for their financial stress.

The Biden administration’s policies have resulted in a massive surge in gas prices and energy costs, which have in turn caused the skyrocketing inflation levels. This has been made worse by the administration’s decision to shut down oil and gas pipelines, which has led to an increase in energy costs.

The Federal Reserve has continued to increase interest rates in an effort to control inflation, but this has negatively impacted the banking system and the economy as a whole. Recent bank failures and concerns about the health of the financial system have led to unease among American consumers about the safety of their money.

The poll found that only 13% of adults are very confident in America’s banking system, while a third said the recent banking crisis has made them much more concerned about their own financial security.

The survey also revealed other concerning trends, such as the amount of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. A staggering 58% of respondents said they were struggling to make ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck, with credit card debt contributing to the issue. According to the poll, nearly a quarter of those surveyed said that they were feeling financial stress due to credit card debt.

Now that we’ve identified the source of ninety five percent of our problems being that of Biden’s policies. Hopefully those of us with common sense can also realize the solution. Biden just announced his re-election bid and it’s time we send him a clear message. We might be struggling now to pay our bills, just imagine what we will be struggling with 4 years from now.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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