Jerry Nadler in Denial: NYC’s High Crime Rates are Not a Problem

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New York City has one of the highest crime rates in the country, but according to Congressman Jerry Nadler, there is no such thing as high crime in the city.

In a recent hearing about the problem, Nadler dismissed the issue, claiming that it was all a political ploy by Jim Jordan and other Republicans to attack the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, and obstruction justice in the Donald Trump case.

Nadler refused to acknowledge that New York City is facing a crime epidemic, even when confronted with the facts. In 2022, violent crime surged in Manhattan South by 34% and Manhattan North by 14.5%, but Nadler maintained that such statistics were fraudulent and that the city was doing fine. This is not the first time Nadler has denied the existence of major crimes being committed in liberal strongholds.

Nadler’s claim that the crime rate in New York City is not a problem is outrageous and out of touch with reality. The people of New York are suffering from high crime rates, and they need their elected officials to take action to address the problem. However, Nadler, a Democrat, seems more interested in protecting his party and his colleagues than in doing what is best for his constituents.

Nadler’s denial of the high crime rates in his district is not only wrong but also dangerous. By refusing to acknowledge the problem, he is essentially enabling criminals and putting the lives of New Yorkers at risk. Instead of defending Alvin Bragg’s soft-on-crime policies, Nadler should be working to hold him accountable and to ensure that justice is being served in his district.

The victims of Bragg’s policies deserve justice, and it is up to leaders like Nadler to fight for them. Unfortunately, Nadler seems more interested in playing politics than in doing his job. New York City’s crime problem is a serious issue, and it is not something that can be swept under the rug. It’s high time that Nadler started taking the issue seriously and working to make his district safer for everyone.

Jerry Nadler is out of touch with the reality of the crime epidemic in New York City. His denial of the problem is dangerous and irresponsible, and it shows that he is more interested in politics than in serving his constituents. Nadler’s allegiance to the Democratic Party is clouding his judgment, and he is ignoring the facts about high crime rates and enabling criminals. It’s time for Nadler to wake up and do his job. The people of New York City deserve better than a congressman who is in denial about the issues they face.

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