Biden Gets Fact-Checked By A Little Girl – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

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Biden Gets Fact-Checked By A Little Girl If you can even believe it, President Joe Biden has suffered from yet another geriatric episode of delusion and forgetfulness— just days after announcing his 2024 re-election campaign. Biden was caught struggling to remember where one of his grandchildren lives, only to be reminded by a little girl. During a White House event with a group of children on “Take Your Child to Work Day,” the president appeared confused and stumbled over his words, forgetting how many grandchildren he has, where they live, and even forgetting his own granddaughter’s name. This latest embarrassing episode is just another in a long list of senior moments that have sparked debates about Biden’s age and mental fitness to govern.

It’s no secret that Joe Biden is not the youngest or most mentally sharp president in history. During a White House event with a group of children on “Take Your Child to Work Day,” Biden appeared to have yet another senior moment, forgetting where his grandchildren live and how many he actually has.

Biden is known for his many gaffes, but this one struck a nerve with many Americans who are increasingly concerned about the president’s mental competency. During the event, Biden struggled to remember where his grandchildren live as he stumbled over his words. But then, the little girl fact-checked him, telling him he had five grandchildren.

What made this gaffe even worse was the fact that Biden failed to acknowledge his son Hunter’s daughter, Navy Joan Biden, who is at the center of a custody battle with her mother, who worked as a stripper at a Washington D.C. club when she met Hunter. Despite a court-ordered DNA test that proved with certainty that she is Hunter Biden’s child, the Biden family has refused to publicly acknowledge her.

When Biden was previously asked about the paternity suit he had little answers for it.

And it’s not just Biden’s mental sharpness that’s in question. Biden as a leader has been criticized for various reasons, including his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, the border crisis, and his radical policies that are hurting the middle class.

Joe Biden’s latest gaffe is a worrying indication of his mental decline that seems to have become all too common recently. However, it’s not just his mental sharpness that’s in doubt, but also his fitness as a leader. The Biden administration has been struggling to handle domestic and foreign challenges, with his policies causing more harm than good to the middle class. Republicans must step up and offer an alternative to the Democrats, providing the leadership that America needs in these difficult times. The country is facing significant challenges, and it cannot afford to have a weak president in power. The GOP is the party of hope, opportunity, and freedom, and they need to make that message heard. The American people deserve a capable and competent leader that they can trust, and it’s up to Republicans to provide that leader. Follow Next News for more breaking news on this and other issues impacting the nation.

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