Congress Exposes Shocking Misuse of Taxpayer Funding Fueling Border Crisis!

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You won’t believe what Congressmen Jordan and Gooden just uncovered about illegal immigration! The shocking misuse of federal funds is staggering. Find out how our tax dollars are being funneled to encourage illegal immigration This why it’s so important we have a say on how our money is spent.

In a joint letter, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Lance Gooden (R-TX) have revealed a disturbing misuse of taxpayer funds that contributes to the ongoing illegal immigration crisis. The letter, addressed to the National Board of FEMA’s Emergency Food and Shelter program, sheds light on the role of federally-funded NGOs in facilitating illegal immigration.

The congressmen’s letter highlights the involvement of non-governmental organizations, such as United Way, which receive federal grants and allegedly use FEMA’s DHS grant funding to provide aid to illegal aliens. These NGOs are receiving millions of taxpayer dollars to offer free food, lodging, and transportation to illegal aliens throughout the country.

Congressman Gooden emphasized that the drastic surge in illegal immigration is fueled, in part, by these NGOs. He called upon them to prioritize transparency and fiscal responsibility in their operations related to immigration.

The misuse of federal funds doesn’t end there. Congressman Gooden’s earlier letter exposed the disturbing role of taxpayer-funded NGOs in facilitating the inflow and spread of illegal immigrants across the United States. These NGOs receive millions in grant funding from the federal government and substantial subsidies, all at the expense of hardworking American taxpayers. Many of these nonprofits even act as secret resettlement agencies, clandestinely transporting and lodging undocumented migrants in hotels.

Furthermore, recent reports indicate that the Department of Health and Human Services has spent a staggering $13 billion since 2012 to sponsor unaccompanied minors left at the southern border. NGOs, such as Southwest Key Programs and Baptist Child and Family Services, have received grants to care for these minors. However, alarmingly, up to 85,000 unaccompanied minors have gone missing, raising concerns about the efficacy of these programs.

Illegal immigration already costs U.S. taxpayers approximately $151 billion annually. With the revelation of federal funds being misused by NGOs, it’s clear that urgent action is needed to address the ongoing crisis and hold those responsible accountable.

The ongoing illegal immigration crisis continues to be a significant drain on taxpayers’ resources, and the revelations about the misuse of federal funds by NGOs only adds to this burden. Congressmen Jordan and Gooden’s letter highlights the need for transparency and fiscal responsibility in the use of taxpayer dollars. It remains to be seen whether their calls for action will be heeded. 

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