Serial Killer Fears Rise: 6 Women Under 40 Dead Within 100-mile Radius of Portland

Serial Killer Fears Rise: 6 Women Under 40 Dead Within 100-mile Radius of Portland
Serial Killer Fears Rise: 6 Women Under 40 Dead Within 100-mile Radius of Portland
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**Serial Killer May be Roaming Portland: Six Young Women Found Dead Within 100 Miles of Each Other**

The search for answers is underway as authorities investigate the recent deaths of six women under the age of 40, found within a 100-mile radius around Portland. With speculation mounting about a potential serial killer on the loose, an urgent and authoritative response is needed.

Five different law enforcement agencies are cooperating in the investigation of the tragic deaths of the six women, who were last known to be alive in forested or rural areas around Portland. The agencies are working closely together, sharing information to determine if the cases could be connected, and are looking for a single perpetrator, as reported by KGW8 News.

The victims in this chilling mystery include Ashley Real (22), Joanna Speaks, Bridget Webster, Charity Perry, an unidentified Native American woman, and Kristin Smith. The most recent case involved the body of the 22-year-old Ashley Real, who was found in a heavily wooded area near Eagle Creek on May 7. She had gone missing after last being seen at a transit center in late March.

Joanna Speaks’ body was found on April 8 in a rural area of Clark County. She had vanished in late March and had suffered blunt force trauma to the head and neck. The Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office declared her death as a homicide. Bridget Webster’s remains were discovered on April 30, followed by the bodies of Charity Perry and the unidentified Native American woman on April 24, and then Kristin Smith on February 19.

As the haunting ordeal continues and the investigations unfold, the search for justice for these young women is paramount. In response to concerns for public safety, law enforcement agencies are diligently working together to uncover the truth behind these disturbing crimes, find the person or persons responsible, and ensure the safety of the community.

**The stakes could not be higher as authorities seek to uncover the truth and prevent more tragic deaths while a suspected serial killer roams free. Swift action is required, and we can only hope for a swift resolution to apprehend the person or persons responsible.**


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