Palpatine’s Playbook: Dems Plotting Kamala’s Dark Side Rise!

Democrats' Secret Deal: Kamala, Dark Lady of the Sith, to Rule!
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Harris’ ascension to presidency: a Democrat scheme echoing a plot straight from the Star Wars universe, with Vice President Kamala Harris poised as the Sith Lord, insiders warn. A prospect that threatens to throw our nation into the abyss of radical policies, they say.

This unnerving parallel, they insist, sees Democrats deploying strategies akin to Palpatine’s rise, utilizing Biden’s widespread acceptance to then shift control to Harris, without her ever facing the rigors of a presidential election. Critics argue that this ploy circumvents the democratic process and essentially installs Harris into the Oval Office. She’d serve as a puppet president, exerting unchecked influence and shaping the nation with radical policies. Just as Darth Sidious manipulated events to his advantage in the galaxy far, far away, so does this scenario depict Harris on Earth.

The democrat’s alleged strategy eerily mirrors the playbook of Palpatine, the Sith Lord of Star Wars lore. It begins with reelecting Biden, utilizing his political clout, only to have him step aside and let Kamala, our new Empress Palpatine, assume command. This convoluted move ensures Harris’ ascension without her being tested through a rigorous election.

Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s statements reiterate these concerns. Paraphrasing her, Harris would become a puppet president, wielding the power of incumbency to run in 2028, sidestepping the democratic process entirely. Is this democracy or are we witnessing the formation of an Empire with Harris as the ruling Sith?

The next question to ask: Is Harris prepared for such responsibility? Critics, including Gabbard, believe that Harris stepping into the Oval Office is more than just alarming; it’s downright disastrous and dangerous. An untested, unelected leader may make hasty decisions without the tempered wisdom an elected president gains through years of political battles and negotiations.

Democrat pollster Doug Schoen and civil rights lawyer Leo Terrell share the concern. Both agree that Kamala isn’t ready for such a monumental role. Despite her dismal approval ratings, Democrats seem desperate to sell the “Biden-Harris” package for 2024, perhaps fearing the backlash of alienating a crucial voting bloc, black females.

Moreover, the Democratic donor base is purportedly exerting pressure for Harris to be presented as a competent replacement. When identity politics rule over competence, are we not walking into the Death Star, ready for detonation?

Marc Lotter, a former special assistant to President Trump, rightly pointed out the potential pitfall of this ploy, citing Harris’ low approval ratings. Yet, Democrats seem willing to risk it all in a desperate gamble to stay in power.

Hank Sheinkopf, former Democratic consultant for the Clinton-Gore campaign, was unambiguous in his description of Democrats’ precarious plan. Paraphrasing his comments, they are running Biden in the hope he will stay healthy enough to serve a full term, ultimately laying the groundwork for Harris.

As we consider this Sith-like scenario, one must question if this would be the democratic process we were promised, or are we watching a plot worthy of a Star Wars movie unfold before our eyes?

Like a chilling breeze from Hoth, the revelation of this Democrat scheme leaves us questioning the future of our republic. The dark side reveals itself in unprecedented ways, as Democrats may be weaving a scheme to install Kamala Harris, the next Sith Lord, as President. Harris, who critics argue is ill-prepared and untested, could be thrust into a position of immense power without the mandate of a national election. Are we standing at the precipice of a reign of radical policies? Does this plot not shake the very pillars of our democratic process? As we grapple with these unsettling revelations, it is vital for voters to make informed decisions, knowing the potential implications of their choices. As the great Obi-Wan Kenobi said in the face of encroaching darkness, ‘The Force will be with you, always.’ It is our collective duty to ensure the Force of our democratic processes remains uncorrupted. Only time will reveal the true intentions of the Democrats and the potential ascendancy of Harris. Until then, we must stay vigilant and prepared, for in the immortal words of Yoda, ‘Always in motion is the future.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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