White House Press Secretary’s Explosive Reaction to Reporter’s Innocent Question Shocks the Nation

The shocking reality is that only 26% of Americans support transgender athletes competing on teams that are consistent with their gender identity.
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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been widely criticized after she became furious with EWTN White House correspondent Owen Jensen for asking about the safety of girls in sports in the era of gender-inclusive policies. Jensen had inquired about the wellbeing of young girls competing against biological males. He asked what the White House would say to parents concerned about their daughters’ safety, pointing out that transgender athletes born as males competing against girls could be a significant safety risk. Rather than addressing the issue, Jean-Pierre became rude, testy and accusing, flying off the handle as if she had been threatened.

Her repugnant response was to distort the question Jensen had posed, claiming he had called transgender kids “dangerous,” even though the reporter had never made such a statement. By advancing this argument, the press secretary only makes it harder for parents to advocate for their daughters and protect them from the radical transgender agenda that has been pushed by the radical left in recent years. The truth is that girls have legitimate concerns about their safety and personal privacy at an age when they are still developing emotionally and physically.

As if that was not bad enough, Jean-Pierre refused to answer Jensen’s follow-up question regarding the White House’s concerns about women’s sports in the face of the growing open letter signed by 72 female athletes opposing the proposed change to Title IX rules. This amendment would allow biological males who identify as females to compete in girls’ sports, raising questions about the commitment to fairness and equality that the left pretends to champion.

The proposed rule change does allow institutions to impose limitations to maintain competitive fairness and safety, but the issue is far more complex than their broad proposal suggests. Jean-Pierre’s smug reply added fuel to the fire, underscoring the Biden administration’s support for the transgender agenda, which gives biological males an undue advantage and forces females into a potentially dangerous situation.

The shocking reality is that only 26% of Americans support transgender athletes competing on teams that are consistent with their gender identity. As the Biden-Harris government continues to push this radical agenda, it threatens girls’ sports and the future of female athletes. The majority opinion is clear, and the voices of concerned parents and female athletes should not be silenced. As this transgender movement takes over and threatens the very fabric of society, we must remain vigilant and protect our daughters’ fundamental right to compete in a fair and safe sporting environment.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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