SCANDAL: Mayor Adams Sends Illegals Overseas!

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In a scandalous twist, New York City’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams stands exposed for his shocking and deceptive actions. While publicly condemning others for their treatment of migrants, Adams has been secretly sending them overseas and to predominantly Republican states. The extent of this hypocritical agenda is truly astounding.

Politico has obtained exclusive documents that shed light on the stunning revelations about Mayor Eric Adams’ handling of illegal migrants in New York City. Between April 2022 and April 2023, approximately $50,000 of taxpayers’ money was spent to resettle 114 migrant households across the United States and even abroad. The majority of these households were sent to states like Florida and Texas, which have been at the forefront of combating illegal immigration.

However, the most alarming aspect of this report is the revelation that Mayor Adams went a step further by sending migrants to foreign countries. It is an astonishing display of hypocrisy, as Adams has been a vocal critic of other politicians’ treatment of migrants. The documents indicate that one migrant household was sent all the way to China, a country notorious for its human rights abuses.

Furthermore, migrants were also sent to South American countries like Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela. This begs the question: Why is Mayor Adams willing to spend taxpayer dollars to send migrants abroad when there are countless pressing issues within New York City that demand attention and resources?

The report also highlights the fact that Florida and Texas, both Republican strongholds, received a significant number of these resettled migrant households. This raises concerns about the political motivations behind Mayor Adams’ actions. By funneling migrants into predominantly conservative states, he may be attempting to influence upcoming Congressional races and undermine President Joe Biden’s reelection bid.

While the number of migrant households resettled by New York City is relatively small compared to the influx of migrants in recent years, the fact that taxpayers footed the bill for these trips is deeply troubling. It is an egregious misuse of funds that should be directed towards addressing the needs of American citizens.

Moreover, the report exposes the existence of a reticketing program called Project Reconnect, which allows asylum-seekers in New York City to be relocated to other parts of the country. This program, separate from initiatives run by reputable nonprofits, gives insight into the migrants’ preferred destinations. The Department of Social Services assisted with travel to 64 cities in 27 states, with North Carolina becoming the third most common destination after Florida and Texas.

But it doesn’t end there. Astonishingly, the Adams administration even sponsored the travel of asylum-seekers to foreign countries. Four households were sent to Colombia, two to Peru, and one household each to China, Ecuador, and Venezuela. This blatant disregard for the well-being of American taxpayers is outrageous and must be addressed immediately.

Mayor Eric Adams’ scandalous handling of illegal migrants has been exposed. His hypocritical actions, sending migrants to China, South America, and Republican states, have shattered the illusion of New York City as a sanctuary city. Taxpayers’ hard-earned money is being squandered, and this reckless behavior must be stopped. The border must be secured to prevent further misuse of resources.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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