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Are the Bidens covering up a potential scandal, or just trying to protect a young child from the glare of the public eye? Tune into our latest episode of “NewsBeat Interactive: 60 Minutes with Franchi” as we delve into the latest controversy surrounding Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts.



The public eye has never strayed far from the Bidens, particularly Hunter Biden, whose questionable business engagements and personal blunders have remained a constant source of intrigue. The recent conclusion of his legal dispute with Lunden Roberts, the mother of his child, has left us in a conundrum. Despite never acknowledging his child, Biden showed an unusual eagerness to shield her from the spotlight associated with the Biden name.

A hush-hush settlement marks the end of this heated legal battle, but it leaves a murky trail in its wake. Roberts, initially on the receiving end of a significant $20,000 per month, consented to a shockingly diminished figure. One can’t help but wonder at the peculiar turn of events. Is this another deflection maneuver from the Bidens, or a sincere wish to protect a child’s tranquility?

Yet, it’s not just the Bidens who find themselves under our magnifying lens. We will also delve into the recent security scare that left the Supreme Court in disarray. A suspicious package sent people scattering in panic, the court’s steady hand of justice briefly faltering. Who was behind this frightful incident? Was it an attack on Lady Justice herself?

Speaking of the Supreme Court, we can’t ignore its recent landmark ruling that’s sent tremors through the Left’s ivory towers. The court’s stance on affirmative action has not only drawn criticism but also highlighted President Biden’s apparent disregard for the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Bud Light, a titan of American brewing, is learning the hard way that haphazard endorsements can bring about catastrophic consequences. Their recent tie-up with influencer Dylan Mulvaney has sparked a wave of backlash, with conservative voices questioning Bud Light’s commitment to responsible advertising. Could this be the pivotal point in Bud Light’s story?

Finally, we’ll cast our gaze towards the University of North Carolina’s latest initiative. Their ‘inclusive language guide’ has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism for what many view as a direct attack on freedom of speech and traditional values. Is it truly an attempt at inclusivity, or a thinly-veiled attempt at thought control?

Join us on “NewsBeat Interactive: 60 Minutes with Franchi,” where we pull back the curtain on the day’s major stories. We aim to scrutinize, challenge, and bring to light what others might wish to keep in the dark. The truth is waiting; let’s uncover it together.

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