ROGER STONE: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know From His Explosive Turning Point Action Speech

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In an electrifying expose that left no stone unturned, Roger Stone, the steadfast stalwart of conservatism, painted an urgent picture of America’s battle at the recent Turning Point Action Conference. Stone, known for his unapologetic and daring nature, breathed fire into the hearts of listeners, warning of an impending thousand years of darkness should we falter in this pivotal battle between good and evil, godly and godless. From his shocking prophecy for 2024 to a rallying cry for impeachment, let’s delve into the heart of Stone’s speech, exposing truths you never knew you needed.


  1. Roger Stone claims that the charges against him were fabricated to pressure him into falsely testifying against former President Donald Trump.
  2. Stone criticizes both major political parties, stating that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by Marxists and that establishment Republicans are spineless and weak.
  3. He boldly suggests impeachment proceedings should be initiated against President Joe Biden, proposing Representative Matt Gaetz as the new Speaker of the House.
  4. In a surprising prediction, Stone suggests that Michelle Obama will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2024, replacing Kamala Harris.
  5. Stone emphasizes his unyielding resolve, paralleling his experiences with those of his mentor, Richard Nixon, and vowing never to quit in the fight for America.

Stone’s remarks began on a high note, with his opening acknowledgment of his faith serving as a potent reminder of his resilience. The room filled with applause as Stone declared himself a living testament of Jesus Christ’s limitless power. The Turning Point Action Conference provided a platform for Stone to voice his concerns and hopes for America’s future. However, the atmosphere turned solemn when he shared the traumatic event of the FBI’s raid on his home, an incident which he associated with a fabricated crime in relation to a supposed Russian collusion

Stone went on to shed light on the cruel intentions behind his charge – to coerce him into falsely testifying against his long-standing friend, Donald J. Trump. However, this ruse was swiftly dismissed by Stone, who stood firm against the intimidation tactics. His stand was clear: he would not be forced into lies or deceit.

Stone is a seasoned campaign veteran, having been involved in 13 national presidential campaigns. His perspective on the transformation of American politics, from a time of mutual patriotism and belief in capitalism among both parties to the present state, captivated the audience. Stone decried the current situation, where he perceives the Democratic Party as hijacked by Marxists and socialist fanatics. It’s not a mere clash between Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, according to Stone. Rather, it’s a battle between good and evil, light and dark, godliness and godlessness.

Stone was steadfast in his declaration that the real threat doesn’t lie with the Democrats; instead, he focused his critique on the ‘establishment Republicans.’ He painted them as spineless and pandering to the affluent while disregarding the welfare of their constituencies. His words were a direct call to action to those Republicans: It’s time to step up or step out.

He then took a swing at Joe Biden, critiquing his capacity to lead the country and suggesting he spends more time in a state of confusion or unconsciousness than in effective governance. His jab at Chris Christie not needing to run for president, but just needing to run, elicited laughter from the audience.

However, the highlight of Stone’s speech was his prophecy regarding the 2024 Democratic nominee for President. In a shocking revelation, he named Michelle Obama as the next candidate, arguing that the party will replace Kamala Harris, set to become President briefly, with another woman of color. He theorized that this was part of a strategy devised by the Democrats, who had already manipulated the primaries by cancelling the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary to favor South Carolina, where African American voters form the majority of Democratic primary voters.

Towards the end of his speech, Stone spoke about his mentor, Richard Nixon, drawing parallels between Nixon’s resilience and his own perseverance in the face of adversity. It was an affirmation that no matter the setbacks, he would not quit. He ended his speech by reiterating his determination and loyalty to the fight for America, promising that both he and Donald Trump would never quit.

Roger Stone’s speech at the Turning Point Action Conference was a forceful call to arms for conservatives across America. It was a candid discussion of the challenges facing the nation, the politics within it, and a shocking prophecy that left many on edge. As Stone’s words reverberate throughout the nation, the key takeaway is that we stand at a crossroads. This isn’t merely about the political divide, but a struggle for the heart and soul of our nation. As Stone put it, the fight is between the godly and the godless, and failure is not an option.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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