Biden Dodges China’s AI Hacking Question: Presidential Avoidance Under Fire

Biden Dodges China's AI Hacking Question: Presidential Avoidance Under Fire
Biden Dodges China's AI Hacking Question: Presidential Avoidance Under Fire
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President Joe Biden shamelessly ignored the pressing matter of Chinese hackers infiltrating the United States government during a recent White House press conference, causing Twitter users to criticize the 80-year-old President’s incompetence and lack of leadership. Instead, he shimmied away from the podium while clenching his fists, and absurdly declared himself to be AI, conveniently brushing off any questions directed towards him regarding the recent cyber attack.

This lack of responsibility and accountability from the new Administration is highly concerning to the American public, who expect their President to prioritize national security over his personal interests. The Chinese Communist Party has been known to engage in cyber attacks on the U.S. government and businesses, and this recent infiltration must be taken seriously. However, Biden’s lack of response suggests he is neither willing nor able to stand up against the Chinese government and safeguard U.S. interests.

Moreover, Biden’s bizarre behavior during the press conference only serves to confirm the doubts many conservatives have about his mental acuity. The President appeared clueless and lost, prompting Twitter users to liken him to a “clown” who was “lost in his own museum.” The American public deserves better than a leader who doesn’t even have the capacity to answer basic questions from reporters.

This also raises questions about Biden’s relationship with China. Despite clear evidence of China’s malicious activity, Biden seems to turn a blind eye and avoid addressing the issue at hand. Is he too weak to confront China and put America first? Or is he complicit in China’s infiltration of the U.S. government? These are valid concerns that must be answered by the President.

Furthermore, Biden’s insistence on using artificial intelligence to root out “bias and discrimination” is just another way for the government to infringe on citizens’ privacy and freedom. Who is to say that the government won’t abuse their power and use AI to monitor individuals without their consent? This is a slippery slope that could lead to a dystopian society where the government has unlimited control over its citizens.

In conclusion, Biden’s lack of leadership and coherent response to the Chinese cyber attack is alarming and should be a wake-up call to all Americans. It’s time for the President to start prioritizing our national security and start taking action against those who seek to harm us. The American people deserve stability and security, and it’s high time the current Administration starts delivering on its promises.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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