Chicago’s Sanctuary Storm: Residents Revolt Against City’s Handling of Illegal Immigrants

Chicago's Sanctuary Storm: Residents Revolt Against City's Handling of Undocumented Immigrants
Chicago's Sanctuary Storm: Residents Revolt Against City's Handling of Undocumented Immigrants
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Chicago is under siege as illegal aliens are taking over the city and putting the safety and well-being of its citizens at risk. Residents are becoming increasingly frustrated with City Hall’s “sanctuary” policies that are attracting scores of illegals into their neighborhoods.

Last week, the Woodlawn neighborhood expressed its anger over the degradation of their community after a city-sponsored border crosser shelter opened up in the old Wadsworth Elementary School. “They disrespect us, they rob us, they harass us,” one resident proclaimed. Another warned that as illegals continue to act out, “street justice” might be employed to deal with the issue.

And the Woodlawn community is not alone in their complaints. 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly sent a letter to City Hall complaining that the hotel housing illegals in the Loop is disrupting the neighborhood with drug use and sales, prostitution, loitering, littering, and rude behavior. Reilly reported that his voters are expressing “concerns about migrants loitering, littering, illegally parking their vehicles, and leaving human waste on the sidewalks near the hotel.”

Chicago’s recently seated Mayor Brandon Johnson settled over 300 border crossers at Wilbur Wright College in May, despite the objections of residents. The opening of the college sent dozens of angry residents to a meeting in May to protest the move. But Johnson’s administration did not stop there. Last month, the city’s Richard J. Daley College was also designated as a shelter where approximately 400 border crossers and illegal aliens were sent.

Many of the city’s police stations are also playing host to dozens or more illegals each. However, some illegals were recently removed from a Chicago Police station where they were sent for shelter after officers were accused of sexually molesting at least one teen girl. And Johnson’s office is now claiming that migrants will no longer be directed to police stations for shelter.

The so-called “sanctuary” policies that Democrat voters in the Windy City touted to puff themselves up as “tolerant” liberals are suddenly out of favor now that they are actually facing a flood of illegals. Residents of Chicago’s Edgewater community were thrilled with the idea of sanctuary policies in 2017 when liberals were accusing Donald Trump of “purging” immigrants. But that hand wringing contrasts badly with last week’s fury in that same neighborhood as Chicago officials began flooding the area with border crossers and installing them in a shelter at Broadway Armory Park Fieldhouse.

While residents were pleased to have a “welcoming” city when only a tiny number of immigrants were dropped into the area back in 2017, they are singing a far different, and less tolerant tune now that hundreds are looking for shelter today. The safety of Chicago’s citizens is at risk, and the liberal policies of City Hall are to blame.

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