Jonathan Turley Slams Joe Biden’s Reason For Finally Recognizing Hunter’s Daughter

Biden's Delayed Grandchild Recognition: A Legal Strategy or Sheer Neglect? Turley Critiques
Biden's Delayed Grandchild Recognition: A Legal Strategy or Sheer Neglect? Turley Critiques
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President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, have come under heavy fire from conservative commentator Jonathan Turley due to their handling of their fifth granddaughter, Navy. Despite having kept her existence a secret for four years, the couple recently acknowledged Navy in a statement released to PEOPLE magazine. However, Turley argues that the Bidens’ motives for doing so were purely political, designed to quash the issue before the 2024 presidential campaign trail.

Turley, who has lived and worked in D.C. for decades, suggests that the Bidens’ treatment of their granddaughter goes beyond the callousness that is commonplace in the District. The conservative commentator argues that even by the standards of Washington “cold calculations of many in this city” the Bidens’ actions were shocking. Turley also claims that the Bidens’ statement announcing their granddaughter was an insult to the intelligence of the public and suggested that the family is anything but united.

Turley’s central allegation is that the Bidens only acknowledged Navy to avoid embarrassment during the 2024 presidential campaign. He speculates that it was only political pressure from fellow Democrats that caused them to relent on the issue. He highlights that the Bidens prioritized their dogs, Major and Commander, over Navy, spending more time fretting over how the public would perceive their dog’s behavior than on the emotional impact their neglect had on their granddaughter.

Turley argues that the Bidens hold no moral authority and that they should be held accountable for their actions. He believes that a family’s political position does not give them immunity from scrutiny and that the president and his wife are not above the law. Democrats, therefore, should not shield the Bidens from criticism just because of their party affiliation.

In conclusion, Turley makes it clear that the Bidens’ actions are shameful and unacceptable. The neglect of their granddaughter, even while under pressure from legal proceedings, shows that the first family only cares about their image. Democrats should not be a party to the Bidens’ political cover-ups, and the public deserves to know the truth. It’s time for the Bidens to take accountability for their actions and show that they have what it takes to lead the country.

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