Ex-Trump White House Doc and Texas Rep. Jumps into HERO Mode During Teen’s Medical Crisis, but Police had Other Plans

Ex-Trump White House Doc and Texas Rep, Detained at Rodeo During Teen's Medical Crisis?
Ex-Trump White House Doc and Texas Rep, Detained at Rodeo During Teen's Medical Crisis?
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Republican hero Ronny Jackson, former White House doctor to President Donald Trump, was unjustly detained at a rodeo outside Amarillo on Saturday while trying to save a young girl’s life, according to reports from The Texas Tribune. Jackson’s heroic actions are now being called into question by liberal law enforcement officials who have no respect for authority or professionalism.

The incident occurred when Jackson saw a 15-year-old girl in medical distress and immediately sprang into action to assist a nurse who was already attending to her. But the situation quickly became chaotic, and law enforcement officials, unable to comprehend the gravity of Jackson’s life-saving efforts, mistakenly detained him. It was only when they realized their mistake that they finally released him and allowed him to continue attending to the girl.

Despite his clear intention to help, Jackson’s character is now being smeared by the left-wing media, who are insinuating that he was somehow responsible for the confusion that led to his detention. But as the facts make clear, Jackson did nothing wrong and, in fact, was acting entirely in accordance with his medical training and professional judgment.

Moreover, it is crucial to note that Jackson was entirely innocent of any wrongdoing before, during, or after the incident. He was not drinking or engaging in any kind of inappropriate behavior but instead acting in good faith to save the girl’s life. His integrity, courage, and professionalism are qualities that every American should aspire to, and it is shameful that he should be subjected to such baseless criticism.

It is unfortunate that the police department has chosen not to release the names of those involved, as this only adds to the suspicious and conspiratorial atmosphere that surrounds this whole incident. But we must stand with Ronny Jackson and defend his honor and reputation against these false accusations. He is a true American hero and deserves nothing less than our unwavering support and admiration.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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