Tulsi Gabbard Slams Biden for Weaponizing State Power

Tulsi Gabbard Slams Biden for Weaponizing State Power, Fears Democracy's Demise: An Urgent Call!
Tulsi Gabbard Slams Biden for Weaponizing State Power, Fears Democracy's Demise: An Urgent Call!
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Former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has slammed President Joe Biden, accusing him of using the federal government to pursue his political opponents and shield himself and his family from justice. Speaking in a recent interview on Fox News’ “Hannity”, Gabbard argued that Biden’s actions are a clear indication that he does not believe in the rule of law but only in serving his selfish interests.

Gabbard insisted that Biden’s efforts are a manifestation of an impending death rattle of democracy, warning that the president is politicizing the Department of Justice to serve his political and personal agenda. She decried how every passing day, an increasing amount of evidence is emerging about how the Biden administration is compromising the foundation of American democracy. To her, the Biden administration is directly and intentionally undermining the rule of law.

The former representative harshly criticized the administration’s efforts to target former President Donald Trump, his supporters, and his family. She claimed that the moves are an attempt to intimidate and silence dissenting voices and consolidate political power. Gabbard argued that the Biden administration is attempting to create a new norm of using the tool of law enforcement and government agencies to go after political opponents.

According to Gabbard, Biden is brazenly showing himself as being above the law by using the federal government to attack his political adversaries and protect his family. She asserted that the American people should be concerned that if the Biden administration succeeds in undermining the rule of law, the next political party in power could use the precedent to go after their opponents.

Gabbard’s condemnation of the Biden administration seeks to raise alarm among the American people about the danger of the president’s actions. She insists that as a nation of laws, the US must not allow any president to use the might of the state to perpetuate their personal interests. She is calling on Americans to rise up and put a stop to this before the country loses its democratic values and institutions.

In conclusion, Gabbard’s fiery critique of President Biden is a warning to all Americans that democracy is under threat. She has accused Biden of prioritizing his interests over those of the country. According to her, Biden aims to create a “new normal” where the government can target political opponents with impunity. The America of the Founding Fathers is under threat, and it’s up to the people to save it from destruction.

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