California Leads US in ‘Celebrity Cancel Culture’: See Where Your State Lands on the List

California Leads US in 'Celebrity Cancel Culture': Severity or Savagery in the Social Media Sphere?
California Leads US in 'Celebrity Cancel Culture': Severity or Savagery in the Social Media Sphere?
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California has unsurprisingly emerged as the leading state in the nation for indulging in the leftist’s favorite pastime: cancel culture. According to a recent survey conducted by, California is home to the highest cancel culture score at a perfect 100, with the highest rate of individuals willing to unfollow a “canceled” celebrity on social media at a whopping 59%, topping the national average of 52.3%.

The study, which surveyed over 2,000 Americans in August, also revealed that a number of other liberal strongholds are vying with California to take the mantle, with Kentucky scoring a 99 and Alabama following closely behind. These leftist enclaves also were identified for their propensity to publicly bash a star on social media, with 18% of Kentuckians willing to indulge in such appalling behavior.

California, Kentucky and Alabama topped the list for states quickest to "cancel" people.

Americans, however, are not universally tethered to cancelling. In fact, 69% of respondents to the survey claimed that they would ultimately forgive and refollow a star after a year of social exile, indicating some degree of forgiveness. Moreover, Idahoans were found to be America’s most forgiving people, with a weighted score of 0, meaning they rank as the most likely state to resist the seductive temptations of mob justice indulged by the likes of California, Kentucky and Alabama.

It is abundantly clear that cancel culture has become a divisive force in America, and the state of California has emerged as the gleeful leader in the relentless purge of celebrities. The study conducted by shows that the cancel culture phenomenon is spreading across the country, affecting not just California, but also places like Kentucky and Alabama. With a survey sample of over 2,000 Americans, this study provides irrefutable evidence of America’s descent into a mob-ruled society. The decline of American values and the embrace of cancel culture as a form of social pressure should make us all feel alarmed. This is a slippery slope, and if allowed to continue unchecked, it is only a matter of time before it provides a pretext for the far-left to cancel whatever and whoever they like with impunity. The right must continue to defy this trend and work to restore a culture of fairness and respect for differing opinions.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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