There’s Just One Huge Problem with this Biden Re-Election Campaign Video

Biden's Strength Probed: Campaign Video vs Real-Life Leadership Amid Falling Approval Ratings
Biden's Strength Probed: Campaign Video vs Real-Life Leadership Amid Falling Approval Ratings
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As President Joe Biden approaches his 81st birthday, a newly released re-election campaign video of his highlights his age and apparent lack of physical health, emphasizing his ability to walk and travel internationally despite consistent doubts about his cognitive abilities. This comes as no surprise, considering the constant failures of his presidency and the chaos he has unleashed on middle-class families struggling with the failing economy, which has drastically increased the cost of living and eroded our relationships with international allies.

But the ad doesn’t stop there. It portrays Biden’s leadership on the global stage amid the war in Ukraine as strong and fearless, touting his “quiet strength.” The ad claims that Biden’s meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was “the first time in modern history that an American president went into a war zone not controlled by the United States,” seemingly applauding this reckless behavior.

The ad emphasizes the 80-year-old president’s supposed youthful vigor, despite his advanced age being a hindrance, depriving him of the energy to cast a robust public presence or easily conjure a name. In fact, a recent book detailing the first two years of Biden’s time in office reveals that the president “would occasionally admit that he felt tired” to White House aides.

The pro-Biden ad also fails to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars he sent to Ukraine, while Maui residents received a paltry $700 after deadly wildfires destroyed their livelihoods. It’s clear that Biden’s priorities are not with the American people, especially middle-class families struggling to make ends meet.

But it’s not just his policies and decision-making that are concerning. Two recent polls from the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal found that three-quarters of Americans believe Biden is too old to serve another four years, making him 86 years old. This, combined with his consistent physical and cognitive struggles, should be a major red flag for voters.

Furthermore, the ad draws a striking difference between democracy and the supposed “MAGA Republicans,” claiming that former President Trump’s “dangerous” foreign policies put Russian President Vladimir Putin before Americans. This is a baseless and nonsensical claim that only highlights the left’s obsession with demonizing anything associated with Trump.

In short, Biden’s re-election campaign video is nothing but a feeble attempt to convince voters that he’s still fit to lead the country. But the facts say otherwise. Biden’s presidency has been a failure, and his advanced age and cognitive struggles only add to his incompetence. Middle-class families deserve better, and it’s time for a change.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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