Jon Voight’s Divine Call to Arms: Hollywood Veteran Rallies Support for Embattled Israel

Jon Voight's Divine Call to Arms: Hollywood Veteran Rallies Support for Embattled Israel
Jon Voight's Divine Call to Arms: Hollywood Veteran Rallies Support for Embattled Israel
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In an era fraught with tension and turmoil, Actor Jon Voight lends his voice to the cause of Israel — a nation embroiled in what he refers to as the “Hamas Holocaust”. Often unafraid to marry his faith to his politics, the Hollywood veteran took to social media this Wednesday to underpin his devotion to the Jewish state. With a call to arms that harkens back to the Old Testament, Voight extends his support for Israel arguing it’s people are standing tall despite the onslaught.

“Let me read something for you,” he said, employing a reverent tone, “Israel, I love you. Israel will stand tall for the land of its sacred soil.” Voight underscored his belief in the imminent demise of those causing unrest in Israel. “These sick-minded beings have been evil since birth; they’re trained to destroy. God’s power, along with the Israeli army, will end this destruction and the power of this evil. It will be destroyed once and for all so the Jewish people can be in peace, live in safety — to live life. L’Chaim.”

Going on to couple divine intervention with a historical parallel, the Academy Award-winning actor assured listeners that divine intervention will end this horror. “This is the Holocaust. It’s the horror that was witnessed by the Jews of Auschwitz and I have come now to warn the evil ones that God will show truths again. He shall win this war for His people, as when Moses was able to lift the Red Sea.” He expressed unwavering confidence in not just the resilience of the Jewish people, but their future freedom from such terror.

Voight’s solidarity with Israel emerges in the dire backdrop of a relentless war waged by Hamas, the terrorist group holding the reins in Gaza Strip. Israel faces a climbing death toll with at least 1,200 civilians, 170 soldiers reported dead, and a staggering 3,500 Israelis injured. Adding to the grim situation, around 150 Israelis have been kidnapped by Hamas terrorists who have also killed dozens of Jewish infants. The Israeli Defense Force is currently biding time for a ground invasion along the Gaza Strip.

In conclusion, Jon Voight’s recent public endorsement of Israel in the face of the ongoing conflict is indicative of his conviction that the destruction imposed through the “Hamas Holocaust” will be met by divine power and ultimate Jewish resilience. His impassioned plea serves as a stark reminder of the severity of the ongoing war in Israel and supports a rallying cry for a global response. This marks a pressing moment in contemporary history, where Hollywood and international politics appear to be crossing paths more often, culminating in essential solidarity with a nation in strife. As Voight’s earnest message resonates across the globe amid the din of terror, it emphasizes the importance of unity, resilience, and liberty in these testing times.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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