Liz Cheney 2024?

Liz Cheney: Anti-Trump Crusader or 2024 Presidential Contender?
Liz Cheney: Anti-Trump Crusader or 2024 Presidential Contender?
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The anti-Trump Republican Liz Cheney is back, folks, and she’s already talking about running for president in 2024! That’s right, despite the crushing defeat she suffered in her re-election campaign, Cheney is now mulling over a potential bid for the White House. And let’s be clear, with her constant attacks against the former President, Cheney is nothing but a pawn for the Democrats.

During a recent appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Cheney refused to rule out a presidential run and claimed that Donald Trump is “the single most dangerous threat we face.” What a load of hogwash! Trump’s tenure as president was marked by peace and prosperity, with regional conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East largely manageable. Plus, let’s not forget that he destroyed the top leadership of ISIS! Cheney’s comments are nothing but fear-mongering and political theater.

But let’s get real for a second. Cheney has practically zero chance of winning the presidency in 2024. She doesn’t have any support from MAGA Republicans and has been soundly rejected by mainstream Republicans as well. In fact, she was crushed in her Wyoming re-election bid, losing by a whopping 37 points to Harriet Hageman, which became the single-biggest primary defeat for an incumbent in the 21st century. That’s just sad.

The only reason Democrats are even paying attention to Cheney is because she’s playing right into their hands with her constant attacks on Trump. But let’s not forget, there are scant Democrats who would actually back her in an election. And with independent candidates like Robert F. Kennedy and radical academic Cornel West running, Cheney doesn’t stand a chance.

Cheney may be able to pull in some financial backing due to her well-connected father, Dick Cheney, but that won’t be enough to win the presidency. Her only real motive for running is to poke a finger in the eye of Trump and his supporters, as well as to sell books. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that she’s already written one?

So there you have it, folks. Liz Cheney is back, but she’s nothing more than a tool of the Democrats and a failed politician looking to make a name for herself. Let’s just hope she fades into obscurity sooner rather than later.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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