Biden’s Big Fail: Harvard/Harris Poll Exposes Massive Dissatisfaction on Key Issues

Biden's Chill: Approval Melting Amidst Frosty Voter Sentiments on Key Issues
Biden's Chill: Approval Melting Amidst Frosty Voter Sentiments on Key Issues
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In the latest Harvard/Harris poll, President Joe Biden seems to be floundering, especially on the pivotal issues that Americans care most deeply about: skyrocketing inflation, the rampant immigration crisis, and the state of jobs and our economy. It’s clear from these results that the Biden administration has missed the mark repeatedly, and Americans are taking notice.

The poll dives deep into 29 pressing national concerns, and the findings? Alarming. A whopping 32% of voters pinpointed inflation as their number one worry. And can we blame them? With prices on everyday goods soaring, many are feeling the pinch. Yet, Biden’s response to this crisis has been woefully inadequate, reflected in his dismal 40% approval rating on the matter—astonishingly, his highest in over a year.

Following closely on inflation’s heels is the issue of immigration, with 27% of participants expressing deep concern. The crisis at the southern border has been nothing short of a debacle. Whether it’s an unprecedented surge in illegal border crossings or clear policy missteps, Biden’s handling of the situation has been far from satisfactory. A mere 39% approve of his approach, and that’s even after a decline since spring. With such a vital issue, one would expect more from a sitting president.

And then, there’s the economy and jobs. Arguably the backbone of any thriving nation, this is an area where leaders are expected to shine. Yet, under Biden’s watch, a paltry 24% believe he’s managed this sector efficiently. Even though he’s achieved a 49% approval rating on stimulating jobs, it’s evident that the majority of Americans remain unconvinced. With countless promises made on the campaign trail about rebuilding the economy, these figures tell a different story.

Biden’s struggles don’t stop there. Other concerns like gun control, the drug and crime epidemic, terrorism threats, the ballooning national debt, and health care woes also find places on the list, with climate change and the Israeli/Hamas conflict rounding out the top ten. While each issue is significant in its own right, it’s telling that the Biden administration appears to be struggling across the board.

It’s a reality check for the Biden presidency. Voters were promised change, hope, and a brighter future. But as this poll reveals, on the issues that matter most, many feel Biden has come up short. The big question now is: Can he turn things around, or will this be the legacy of his term? Only time will tell.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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