Princess Diana’s Dress Fetches $1.1m, Setting New Auction Record: The Most Expensive Royal Gown Sold!

Princess Diana's Dress Fetches $1.1m, Setting New Auction Record: The Most Expensive Royal Gown Sold!
Princess Diana's Dress Fetches $1.1m, Setting New Auction Record: The Most Expensive Royal Gown Sold!
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In an extraordinary auction, a piece of sartorial history met a remarkable fate. A Jacques Azagury ballerina-length evening dress, once worn by the inimitable Princess Diana, fetched a staggering $1,148,000 at Julien’s Auctions and Turner Classic Movies “Hollywood Legends” event last weekend. This sale not only broke all previous records but also underscored the enduring allure of Princess Diana. An attire that had once graced the royal figure in Florence in 1985, and had remained a symbol of timeless elegance, has now become the most expensive Princess Diana dress ever sold.

Bequeathed with an uncommon nobility of spirit, the dress comes embroidered with stars in metallic thread, made from Jakob Schlaepfer fabric. The black velvet bodice playfully contrasts with a two-tier royal blue organza skirt and a sash and bow, suggestive of the exceptional taste of the ‘People’s Princess’.

To put the historical significance of this sale into perspective, it’s worth noting that the dress was originally estimated to sell for around $100,000. However, bidders’ tenacity resulted in the dress costing 11 times the estimations. The notoriety of the dress even overpowered the previous record, held by the iconic 1991 black velvet gown made by Victor Edelstein, which sold for $604,800 earlier in January.

Moroccan-British fashion designer Jacques Azagury, the visionary behind the record-breaking dress, reminisced the royal’s vivacious spirit while speaking with People magazine. The fashion dexterous recounted how Diana, true to her media crown as the ‘Queen of Hearts’, cherished becoming a part of an occasion, donning the attire with grace, ready to please her ardent fans, never leaving room for disappointment. He added that the significance of the dress elevated in his memory as it was the first he had created for the late princess. An emotional Azagury admitted how thankful he was to see the dress still adored after all this time.

Another highlight of the auction was a blush-pink chiffon blouse by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel that blossomed to $381,000, almost quadruplicating its original estimate of $80,000. It was the royal engagement photoshoot blouse from 1981, a year that marked a turning point in Diana’s life as she got betrothed to Prince Charles.

In conclusion, the sale of Princess Diana’s dress, setting a new auction record, underscores the timeless mystique of the late Royal. The eye-watering amounts bid represent more than just monetary value; they symbolize an eternal reverence for a figure who continues to rule the hearts of millions. In a world increasingly smitten by fast fashion, this event echoed a crucial reminder of the enduring power of classic style and the nostalgia welded within the fabric of history. Deeper than vanity, it reflected the persistent fascination with a woman who, in life and death, continues to captivate the world with her elegance, compassion, and rebellious spirit. The sale speaks volumes of a longing still throbbing in many hearts: that for a princess, whose story was cruelly cut short, but whose legend continues to reign supreme.

Next News Network Team

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