Find Out How Media Giants Spin a Web for Biden in Wisconsin: Unmasking the Economy’s ‘Stubborn’ Side!

Find Out How Media Giants Spin a Web for Biden in Wisconsin: Unmasking the Economy's 'Stubborn' Side!
Find Out How Media Giants Spin a Web for Biden in Wisconsin: Unmasking the Economy's 'Stubborn' Side!
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Lead the pack last week with the coverage of President Biden’s Wisconsin visit; ABC, CBS, and NBC. Biden’s trip was all about Microsoft’s announcement of a new AI division headquarters in Racine. Unfortunately, the narrative also highlighted the President’s struggle with the economy, a saga he’s yet to crack for Americans who long for the successful times under Trump.

ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News couldn’t resist the opportunity for elaborate news coverage. Mary Bruce, ABC’s top White House correspondent, took the lead. “President Biden ventured to Wisconsin, a key battleground, where a new poll shows him slightly edging out Trump, to announce Microsoft’s $3.3 billion AI center project,” she highlighted. She touted this fresh development on the “ghost” site where a Trump-endorsed project failed to take off.

Bruce didn’t fall short in providing details about Microsoft’s proposed plans, which will be located where the infamous Foxconn deal, which had Trump’s backing, failed in 2018. She added that the President is eager to prove his economic successes to doubtful voters. “Work on the Microsoft project is well underway, with Biden fully aware that he’s slightly ahead of Trump in Wisconsin, according to today’s poll,” she added.

NBC’s Lester Holt echoed the tone, portraying Biden’s mission as an effort to convince voters of his economic wins and US economy strength. However, with a substantial amount of skepticism, it’s a tough sell.

Similarly, NBC correspondent Peter Alexander reported on Biden’s trip to Wisconsin, pronouncing the creation of a multibillion-dollar AI data center by Microsoft, promising thousands of jobs. He further pointed out the contrast that Biden attempted to cast against a failed $10 billion electronic factory announced by then-President Trump.

Adding a layer of skepticism, Alexander conceded that “Biden has a lot of convincing to do,” citing a poll that showed Americans trusting Trump over Biden on the economy and inflation, with two-thirds living paycheck to paycheck.

Thursday’s CBS Mornings chimed in, with Natalie Morales introducing President Biden’s trying to defend his record against high inflation criticism in battleground Wisconsin while promoting Microsoft’s multibillion-dollar project. Nancy Cordes, Chief White House correspondent for CBS, lamented the economy as a “stubborn challenge,” expressing surprise over voters longing for the Trump economy declared poor in 2020.

Rounding out the week’s coverage, Gabe Gutierrez of NBC’s Today mentioned that “[r]ecent polls show Americans trust Trump over Biden on the economy,” while acknowledging Biden’s continued effort to convince the American public of their purchasing power.

In the end, it is clear that President Biden’s Wisconsin trip demonstrated a concerted effort to change the narrative around his handling of the economy. It remains to be seen if he will successfully convince a largely skeptical audience of his economic achievements and plans for job creation. All eyes should stay fixed on Biden’s next move; only time will determine if he can turn the tide in his favor.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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