Shocking Reveal: The View Opens Up About RFK Jr.’s Startling Brain Worm Diagnosis – You Won’t Believe It!

Shocking Reveal: The View Opens Up About RFK Jr.'s Startling Brain Worm Diagnosis - You Won't Believe It!
Shocking Reveal: The View Opens Up About RFK Jr.'s Startling Brain Worm Diagnosis - You Won't Believe It!
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Are we living in a world where worms in the brain have become a punchline? ABC’s ‘The View’ evidently seems to think so as they kicked off Thursday’s program by ridiculing independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s past bout with a brain parasite. Imagine the nerve to mock another man’s health condition.

Their laughter followed a clip of Kennedy discussing his recovery from this parasite, which he contracted during his time in India. In an outrageous display of her usual dismissiveness, Whoopi Goldberg waved off his resilience, even hinting that Kennedy’s political ambitions amid his past health struggles were laughable.

And Joy Behar, never to be left out, launched groundless claims that his past ailment is responsible for what she deemed as “irrational behavior”. Seemingly unsatisfied with ridiculing Kennedy, she then pivoted the conversation towards President Trump, hinting at nonexistent health issues.

Sunny Hostin, with an uncalled-for amount of worry, chimed in her baseless concern over Kennedy’s cognitive abilities, despite his recovery. True to form, Sara Haines added that Kennedy “did not have this treated.” All these glib diagnoses coming from television hosts – simply mind-boggling.

Interestingly, Alyssa Farah Griffin and Behar seemed to link the strange notion of brain problems to the preferences of Kennedy and Trump supporters. The logic behind this is truly bewildering to comprehend.

But then again, The View’s not-so-illustrious history of bizarre statements simply adds to this confusion. In 2022, Goldberg made a shocking claim downplaying the racial aspect of the Holocaust. Behar, earlier this year, wrongly credited NATO for defeating Hitler and the Nazis, even bolstering her tall tales with the claim that, “I know history.”

Just last month, Hostin recklessly claimed “climate change” caused a solar eclipse and earthquakes – both natural phenomena that have occurred for billions of years. Earlier this year, Haines recklessly trivialized concerns regarding risqué entertainment by stating: “Everyone belongs at a drag show!”

The View’s supposed Republican voices have their fair share of puzzling statements too. Farah Griffin blamed “sexism” as the reason behind then GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s lack of endorsements. Ana Navarro, though absent, discredits the existence of Kennedy’s campaign and defends Senator Bob Menendez. The co-hosts’ inconsistent behavior is puzzling at best.

The mockery and wild speculations made on ‘The View’, more than anything, paints an alarming picture of the lack of empathy and sense these audible liberal voices exhibit. Their audacious mockeries and fabrications need to be called out. All one can hope is that sanity will soon prevail on the show’s set and responsible broadcasting will be more than just a fanciful notion. The viewers surely deserve better.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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